Steve Jobs Appearing at Tomorrows Apple Event Rumor

first_imgWe’ve pretty much got the whole iPad 2 thing figured out by now, right? Steve Jobs, it seems, is the real mystery surrounding tomorrow’s Apple event in San Francisco. Will he show? Will he skip? Will he be making a cameo via FaceTime, when the company shows off the built-in camera we’re all expecting on the new tablet? Is there any validity to that sensationalistic report from The National Enquirer?The rumor just ahead of the event has Jobs showing up at the event in the flesh, in spite of his much publicized sick leave. Word comes, not surprisingly, from anonymous sources first reported on an Italian site called setteB.IT, of all places. The site (via Google Translate) calls this insight “reassuring information.”At the moment, we’ll have to chalk it up to wishful thinking.last_img read more

"Steve Jobs Appearing at Tomorrows Apple Event Rumor"