Marching ants

first_imgThe homelandNative to Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, the ant was first described in New Orleans around 1891, most likely from a coffee shipment via the port of New Orleans. As of 2001, the ant was found in 21 different states and on every continent except Antarctica. In the U.S., it is found mostly in the Southeast and Southwest, as well as Hawaii, with that number most likely on the rise. Not just a pest in urban areas, it’s also a pest of agricultural crops by tending to and defending plant-feeding insects, such as aphids and whiteflies, which destroy plant materials when feeding.Keep’em outArgentine ants, like most other pest ants, come indoors in search of food, water or shelter. With the worker ants being less than a quarter of an inch long, a gap or crack the size of a pinhead is an open invitation for them to come inside. One of the first things to do in order to keep these pesky creatures from invading is to search for entry points. Search areas around windows and doors for cracks, crevices or gaps that could provide access into the home. Use caulking, weather-stripping or other physical control barriers to keep the ants outside. (Sealing cracks, crevices and gaps around doors and windows will not only keep the insects from entering, but will also keep hot or cold air from escaping your home, potentially leading to savings on monthly utility bills.)Another way to control them is with the use of chemicals. The use of slow-acting gel baits is optimal in controlling Argentine ants inside a home and can be purchased at local home improvement stores. Remove other foodsActive ingredients such as imidacloprid, fipronil, thiamethoxam and borax (sodium tetraborate decahydrate) are all acceptable. These ingredients work slowly enough to allow the ants to transfer the insecticide to other nest mates before dying, allowing the newly contaminated ants to transfer the poison to other ants until the problem is solved.In order for these baits to be efficient, all other food and water sources must be eliminated. The ants need to feed solely on the insecticide, which is usually sweetened with sugars, in order for control to occur. If other food or water sources remain, the ants may pass up the insecticide for the other available sources. In the event that the ants do not feed on the gel bait when other resources have been removed, either a different brand of bait or active ingredient should be used. If you can’t see visible entry points for the ants and the insecticides from local home improvement stores are not helping, a professional opinion may be needed. Contact your local pest control operator for a consultation and a thorough inspection of your property. After assessing the situation, the operator will be able to use chemicals restricted only to professionals to help mitigate your ant problem, inside or outside of the home. Regardless of the season, ants can become pests in any structure. The Argentine ant (Linepithema humile), or sugar ant, frequently invades homes in Georgia. The small brown ant, one-eighth of an inch to three-sixteenths of an inch long, will make its way inside after significant periods of rain, drought, heat or cold.last_img read more

"Marching ants"

Bruce braced for nervy finish

first_img “I haven’t really thought about that decision yet, but I thought Harper was excellent against Southampton,” Bruce said. “He’s been terrific for us and pulled off a couple of great saves. “The one that went in was probably the scrappiest of the lot, through someone’s legs, and he really deserved a clean sheet because he was our outstanding player on the night.” Southampton’s match-winner on a night where Adam Lallana, Rickie Lambert and Jay Rodrguez all impressed without finding the net, was centre-half Jose Fonte. The Portuguese converted at the second attempt after Harper had repelled an initial header, with goalline technology on hand to confirm his shot had crossed. With Saints well clear of the relegation mire but unlikely to push for Europe, Fonte is now eyeing his side’s own FA Cup clash at Sunderland on Saturday. “We want a run in the FA Cup because it is very special for us,” he told Saints Player. “We’re going to focus on that and try to win the game. We haven’t beaten Sunderland yet, but hopefully we will do this Saturday. “It would mean a lot. We’re in a good situation with the league and we want to finish as high up as possible, but we want to win every game and the FA Cup is something we are looking forward to. “It would be a dream to go to Wembley again, and win.” Hull manager Steve Bruce believes the battle to stay in the Barclays Premier League may not be resolved until the last day of the season. And he does not expect the tension to ease any time soon. “There’s 12 games to go and it looks like it’s going to be like this from now until the end of the season,” said Bruce. “The bottom half of the division is ridiculous. A team will win then draw then lose and it will go on like that until the last game of the season, I’d have thought. “You can throw a blanket over 10 or 11 teams now, it’s so tight. Usually one or two teams are cut adrift at this stage in February but that’s not the case. “It’s one of those seasons, so we have to dust ourselves down and go again.” Hull take a break from league duties on Monday night when they travel to Brighton in the fifth round of the FA Cup, with veteran goalkeeper Steve Harper hoping for one more chance to stake his claim. The former Newcastle stalwart has impressed when standing in for Allan McGregor this term, often in the cup competitions but also during the Scot’s three-game suspension which expired after the Southampton game. McGregor is likely to retain Bruce’s faith, but Harper has at least made it a tough call. Press Association Victory for the Tigers against Southampton on Tuesday night would have taken them 10th, while their eventual 1-0 defeat meant they ended the night just three points above the relegation zone. With so many sides bunched so tightly together, unpredictable results now a weekly occurrence and half of the division treating relegation as a realistic possibility, Bruce is not alone in looking over his shoulder. last_img read more

"Bruce braced for nervy finish"

Teens do the talking on how to curb substance abuse

first_img The roomful of young students sat silently as Jake McClain spoke about his battle with heroin and methamphetamine.He talked about how his parents relapsed into drug use when he was 11. About the downward spiral into his own addiction. About finally hitting rock bottom, shooting up in the school bathroom.And how he pulled out of it and was inspired to help people.The kids were mesmerized, at least in part because this wasn’t an adult recalling his tortured teenage years. Jake is graduating from high school this summer. His rock bottom period was last year.He was one of many teens wanting to help teens who convened at Clark College on Friday.The Teens Care Too Youth Prevention and Leadership Summit brought nearly 300 middle and high school students to the college campus. Its theme — youth voices, youth choices — neatly summed up what the afternoon was all about — letting the kids do the talking about how to curb drug and alcohol abuse in their ranks.The afternoon followed that to the letter. Even though a host of luminaries — state representatives, mayors, county commissioners and city councilors — attended, most of the speeches and announcements in Gaiser Hall were made by people too young to vote.The big crowd broke up into workshops mid-afternoon, many of which were led by adult experts. But not all.One of them, called “Experience, Hope and Strength,” featured Jake and two of his school mates from Legacy High School in Vancouver.Marika Neis-Steinwand spoke about post-traumatic stress disorder, a condition usually associated with combat veterans. Marika fought fierce-enough battles in her teenage years to be diagnosed with the disorder. Nearly 300 teens gather Friday in Clark College’s Gaiser Hall for the Teens Care Too Youth Prevention and Leadership Summit. The event let students discuss among each other how to curb drug and alcohol abuse.last_img read more

"Teens do the talking on how to curb substance abuse"