LIVE Astronauts conduct repairs to the outside of the ISS

first_imgLive video for mobile from UstreamWith all of the excitement surrounding the Curiosity rover recently, it’s almost easy to forget that we have people in the sky right above us. The International Space Station has been floating in orbit above the world for some time now, and like all things is in need of occasional repair. NASA TV is now broadcasting the live stream of several helmet cams from Astronauts outside the ISS as they attempt some minor repairs. It is difficult to imagine the challenges that the ISS team would face when it comes to performing even simple tasks in zero gravity. Using simple tool to remove bolts require an entirely different positioning and application of force. Additionally, you have to be careful to secure every tool after you use it, or it might float away. All of this must be done with big bulky gloves on. The team is communicating live with NASA ground control teams as the two groups work together to conduct repairs that can only be done from outside the ship. Right now the Main Bus Switching Unit (MBSU) is among the things being repaired externally, but only if the hatch can be successfully opened. Space Walks like the one being shown here are a vital part of maintenance on the ISS, but they also give the team the ability to leave the ISS and stretch their legs out in space. The responsibilities and privileges that go along with this incredibly opportunity are clearly demonstrated in this operation, and it is extremely cool that we have the technology to watch this kind of thing happen live.last_img read more

"LIVE Astronauts conduct repairs to the outside of the ISS"