Equipment repairs impede road maintenance

first_img Previous articleTRACK AND FIELD: Cepero Memorial track meet enters 15th yearNext articleCombine graceful forms and slender proportions for mid-century style Digital AIM Web Support Pinterest Twitter Pinterest Twitter WhatsApp Equipment repairs impede road maintenance WhatsAppcenter_img Ector County The Ector County Highways and Streets Department are requesting metal shed covers to shield equipment from the elements. County commissioners will convene at 10 a.m. Tuesday in the commissioners’ courtroom, Room 120, located in the Ector County Administration building annex, 1010 E. Eighth St., and take action on agenda items. Evans Kessey, the department’s director, said it is time for the county to invest in proactive measures that will extend the lifespan of equipment and safeguard taxpayer dollars. He said shifting resources to address problems caused by water, hail and sun damage has taken time away from the department addressing more pressing issues. Sensitive road maintenance equipment like the county’s sole chip spreader is used for pavement surface treatment, but it has been damaged due to improper storage. “We don’t keep up with activities because some of the equipment is not operating the way it should operate,” Kessey said, “and “that impacts the public and community.” Kessey said only eight or nine miles of seal coat have been completed this year because of a shortage of employees and a lack of available equipment. If the department’s $221,775 budget amendment for improvements and construction is approved, the county will gain four sheds that are about 200 feet long by 16 feet wide. The total cost for the project will be more than $500,000. Kessey said about $330,000 was set aside for the bid, but due to rising material costs the final price came out to be more than anticipated. The department will also create bays on their property that will be used for the storage of surplus equipment from every county department. Kessey said this will preserve the value and limit further deterioration of equipment. Kessey said the metal sheds will offer protection to the hundreds of thousands of dollars the county has invested into purchases. “It’s just like having a cell phone,” he said. “When it falls it falls. You may not break the screen or anything, but you try to protect it. I’m advocating for commissioners to do something to protect assets, and in doing so, add value to the asset (if it is auctioned off).” IN OTHER BUSINESS, COMMISSIONERS WILL CONSIDER:Allowing Downtown Odessa, Inc. to utilize the Courthouse/Health Department parking lot beginning at 5 p.m. on July 3 through July 4 for the 24th Firecracker Fandango.Reappointing Ladoyce Lambert to the Permian Basin Community Centers Board of Trustees for an additional two-year term beginning June 26, 2019 to June 25, 2021.Terminating the Flexible Benefits Plan Document and Summary Plan description of the Cafeteria Plan being administered by American Fidelity Assurance Company on behalf of Ector County in compliance with IRS Code Section 125, effective July 31, 2019.Terminating the Subscription Agreement between Ector County and American Fidelity Assurance Company, effective July 31, 2019.Terminating a Trust Subscription Agreement and Application for Medical Expense Reimbursement Coverage between Ector County and American Fidelity Assurance Company, effective December 31, 2019.Approving Motorola Change Order to revise the payment schedule based on the phased implementation approach and adjust the project completion date.Hiring a Legal Secretary at a Step 4 due to experience.Approving MHRC Plans for Rodriguez Lot 35, Block 1, Sterling Park third Filing Precinct 4, Ector County, Texas.Approving MHRC for Joselyn RV Park at 15421 S. Mares Street, Odessa, Texas, 79766, Ector County, Texas.Approving Gallegos West Replat of Lots 3, 4 and 5, Block 42, T-3-S T&P RY, Co. Survey Ector County, Texas.Approving a line item transfer to FMLR Fund, Road Maintenance, Contract Services, 002-810-5309 for $13,000 from Road Maintenance, Equipment Rental, 002-810- 5391 for $5,000 and from Road Maintenance, Road Maintenance, 002-810-5241 for $8,000.Approving a line item transfer to General Fund, Auditor, Office Supplies, 001- 260-5171 for $3,000 from Auditor, Telephone,001-260-5351 for $1,000 and from Auditor, Educational Travel, 001-260-5161 for $2,000.Approving a line item transfer to Equipment Services Fund, Departmental Furniture and Equipment, 051-770-5199, in the amount of $4,408 from equipment Services Fund, Subscriptions, 051-770-5207 in the amount of $3,000 and from Underground Storage Tank Maintenance, 051-770-5254 in the amount of $1,408 for a total of $4,408.Approving a line item transfer to FMLR Fund, Departmental Furniture and Equipment, 002-810-5199, in the amount of $1,410 from FMLR Fund, Shop Supplies, 002- 810-5191 in the amount of $922 and from Small Tool Supplies, 002-810-5190 in the amount of $488 for a total of $1,410.Approving a budget amendment to Capital Improvements Fund, Improvements and Construction, 044-990-5509 and to Capital Improvements Fund, Insurance Proceeds, 044-4172 for $70,000.Approving the Accounts Payable Fund Requirements Report for June 25, 2019. 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"Equipment repairs impede road maintenance"