Justin Kreutzmann Explains Why Martin Scorsese’s Grateful Dead Documentary Is Taking So Long To Make

first_imgEver since it was first announced, Grateful Dead fans have been quite eager to see the Martin Scorsese-produced documentary that chronicles the Dead’s prolific career. While it was initially intended for the band’s 50th anniversary, a new interview with filmmaker Justin Kreutzmann may shed some light on the delays.Kreutzmann spoke to the Asbury Park Press ahead of the Asbury Park Music In Film Festival, where he’ll be on hand for a “Growing Up Dead” panel discussion with former NHL player Jim Dowd. The festival has a number of Grateful Dead themed events planned, including a screening of Grateful Dawg to examine the relationship between Jerry Garcia and David Grisman. The Glimmer Grass Band is set to play a bluegrass tribute set to the Dead, and there will be a discussion of the new Scorsese film (but no screening just yet) with Kreutzmann, director Amir Bar-Lev and producers Nick Koskoff and Eric Eisner.In an interview on the Asbury Park Press’s podcast, “Fan Theory,” Kreutzmann goes into his life growing up as the son of drummer Bill Kreutzmann. He also talks about the new film, explaining why the film is taking so long to create.”The film could stand on its own just with some of the finds that are in there and some of the stuff that I’ve never seen. … I feel I’ve seen a lot of stuff so if I haven’t seen it I’m guessing it will be new to a lot of people. And, it’s amazing footage,” Kreutzmann said. “But the way the story is being told it’s really emotional and it had a big impact on me.”He continued, “Like I said, I’m probably the most jaded Grateful Dead viewer you could ever imagine, but I think it’s going to be well worth the wait and I’m glad we’re taking our time to really do it right because it’s one of those stories that you can’t just rush through it. It’s a big story with a lot of different characters and a lot of music. So I think we’re not too far off. It’ll see the light of day fairly soon.”You can listen to the full interview below:last_img read more

"Justin Kreutzmann Explains Why Martin Scorsese’s Grateful Dead Documentary Is Taking So Long To Make"

Lawn Irrigation.

first_img “People think the more water they give their turf, the better it will perform,” said Gil Landry, an extension turf scientist with the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. “But if your turf gets too much water, you create a catalyst for disease. An inch of water a week is the rule of thumb.” So do you know when you’ve applied an inch of water to your lawn? Most sprinkler systems apply about one-fourth inch of water per hour. “So you’d need to run your system for four hours to apply one inch of water,” Landry said. “But all sprinklers are different. They all have different nozzles, so you should test your system’s output.” To test your sprinkling system, Landry said, place open-top containers of the same size, such as margarine tubs, randomly on your lawn. After an hour, measure the amount of water in each container. “The difference in the amounts will give you an estimate of the water distribution and application rate,” he said. “When you have an inch of water in your containers, you know you’ve applied enough water.” Landry says homeowners should also keep in mind how fast the soil can absorb the water. “Apply enough water to soak the soil 6 to 8 inches deep,” he said. “If your system is applying water too fast, you’re just watering the curb and sidewalk, because the water is running off.” To make the most of your efforts, Landry said, water between sundown and sunrise. Watering turf more often than recommended will actually hurt its performance. “Light, frequent irrigation produces shallow and weak root systems,” Landry said. “A shallow root system prevents efficient use of plant nutrients and water in the soil.” Mowing your lawn regularly is important, too, especially during a drought. “Mow often enough that no more than one-third of the leaf tissue is removed during a cutting,” Landry said. “And raise the mowing height. This helps the grass maintain a deep root system, which helps it find more water.” Drought conditions are resulting in water restrictions in many counties across Georgia.When you’re only allowed a few hours for outdoor watering, knowing how much water to giveyour lawn is important.University of Georgia experts say homeowners normally water their lawns too much andtoo often. This year, the drought and water restrictions are keeping them from making thismistake.The Rule of Thumb Water Right Photo: Dan Rahn Test Your Systemlast_img read more

"Lawn Irrigation."

GoAir places Airbus order as Indian market expands

first_imgThe airline’s managing director Jeh Wadia said GoAir may take 15 planes each yearIndian budget airline GoAir has ordered 72 new A320 Airbus aircraft in a deal worth about $6.1bn (£3.7bn) at list prices.The carrier said it would start taking deliveries of the aircraft in 2015 as it implements ambitious expansion plans for domestic routes.A320s are priced at $85m each, though airlines traditionally negotiate big discounts on bulk orders.In January, rival airline IndiGo ordered 180 A320s, worth $15.6bn.“These are all firm orders and the deliveries will start in 2015. We may take as many as 15 planes each year,” said the company’s managing director Jeh Wadia.India’s airline market is booming as flights become affordable to ever more people.There have been reports that Indian airlines are planning to announce billions of dollars worth of orders at next week’s Paris Air Show.GoAir, launched in 2005, currently serves 18 destinations with about 930 flights a week.The airline is owned by the Wadia Group, which has interests in petrochemicals, electronics, property, and consultancy.BBC News Share Sharing is caring! Share LifestyleTravel GoAir places Airbus order as Indian market expands by: – June 16, 2011center_img 39 Views   no discussions Tweet Sharelast_img read more

"GoAir places Airbus order as Indian market expands"