Cross and Martin’s rinks top Curling Tour standings after Peace River Cashspiel

first_imgPEACE RIVER, A.B. – Warren Cross and Serge Martin’s rinks have topped the Pomeroy Inn and Suites Peace Curling Tour standings after the Peace River Cashspiel this past weekend.Warren Cross’ rink beat the team of Colin Griffith in the final 7-2 to clinch the Competitive Division standings. Greg Skague’s team beat the team of Kelsey Dusseult to take 3rd place on the weekend in the Competitive Division. Though they didn’t make it past the semi-finals, Kurt Balderston’s rink finished 2nd in the season standings after a win in Grande Prairie earlier this season. Griffith placed 3rd in the standings ahead of Jeff Ginter’s rink. The other Top 8 teams in the Competitive Division include: Stefan Pavlis, Scott Webb, Graham Powell, and Doug Kimmie’s rinks.In the Challenge Division, Serge Martin took the win over Don Dumont’s rink in the final to clinch first spot in the season standings. Dumont’s team also qualified for the Top 8 with the win, behind Layton Tremblay, Dave Derewainko, and Bob Cooper. In the 3rd place match in Peace River, Marlene Maxwell’s rink beat Janet Plante’s rink. Those two teams also finished third and fourth respectively in the Division season standings behind the team of Delia Dejong.- Advertisement -The final bonspiel on the tour this season will be the Tour Championship in Sexsmith January 13th – 15th.last_img read more

"Cross and Martin’s rinks top Curling Tour standings after Peace River Cashspiel"

DCEU News John Cena Could be Shazam

first_img Batman Loses a Dad Again, Another Ben Affleck Update & More DC Movie NewsSecret Aquaman Role, Wonder Woman’s Throwback Photo, & More DC Movie News The DC Extended Universe has a ton of announced movies we really don’t know all that much about yet. In some ways, that’s exciting. Unlike Marvel, where we have a decent idea of what each announced film will be, DC is still figuring out the tone and shape its own cinematic universe will take. One of the more interesting projects coming doesn’t even have any immediate ties to Justice League. We know there’s a Shazam! movie in the works, but no one has yet been cast to play him. One of the heroes rogues, Black Adam, has already been cast (Dwayne Johnson), and will have his own standalone movie before he and Shazam meet on the big screen. Now, Warner Bros. has reportedly narrowed down their options to two actors, and one would make Johnson’s casting even cooler.The Hashtag Show reports that in addition to having a finished script, Warner Bros. is talking to both Joshua Sasse and John Cena for the role of Shazam. Sasse isn’t too well-known at this point. His biggest role was starring in ABC’s Galavant!. In that show, he definitely proved that he could play the classic golden age superhero archetype that Shazam requires. Also, he has a great singing voice, and I’m all for anything that opens up the possibility of one of DC’s superheroes breaking out into song.As great as Sasse would assuredly be though, how awesome would it be to have Cena in the role? He certainly has the body for it, and in his recent film appearances, he’s proven to be a charismatic actor with great comic timing. But his acting isn’t the reason his casting would be great. If Cena is chosen to be Shazam, that would mean that he would eventually have to fight Dwayne Johnson in a sequel. The DCEU could give us a big screen The Rock vs. John Cena matchup. And you wouldn’t have to shell out for an expensive pay-per-view or keep up with years of terrible wrestling lore to enjoy it.Whether The Rock goes up against a former Wrestlemania opponent or a superpowered musical theatre kid is still up in the air. We’ll know for sure when as we get closer to February 2018, when Shazam! is due to start filming. Anabelle: Creation director David F. Sandberg is directing, so that’s already a point in its favor.Elsewhere in the DC Universe, we’re only about two months away from seeing Justice League. It’ll be the first time we’ll see all of DC’s heroes come together, and if Warner Bros.’ fall movie previews are any indication, they may be using the movie to unite all their future films under a common banner. Comic Book reports that the company released a new logo for the upcoming superhero team-up flick that puts DC front-and-center.(Via Warner Bros.)All the movies that have come before have had their own unique looks and branding. Whether that remains the case or not, this could be seen as an attempt to make it clear that all these movies are connected. By now, it’s clear that DC isn’t copying Marvel exactly when building their cinematic universe, but aside from a couple of cameos, it’s felt a little disjointed. We don’t know if the movies will have more explicit connections in the future, but DC is at least making sure we know they’re all under the same banner. Whether or not they directly interact with each other, they’re all in the same universe. Depending on what DC’s plans are for the future, subtle changes like these might be all they need.Gal Godot (Photo: Screenshot via YouTube/Warner Bros.)Finally, it’s no secret that people loved Wonder Woman. So far, it’s the only DC movie to enjoy massive critical success; it’s by far the DCEU’s biggest commercial hit so far. Now, it’s hit another milestone. Mashable reports that Wonder Woman is now in the top five highest-grossing superhero movies ever made. And that’s only counting domestic box office. This movie has made a ton of money.Marvel still leads the list with The Avengers sitting at number one, having made $623.3 million. At number two is The Dark Knight with $534.8 million. Avengers: Age of Ultron is number two with $459 million, and The Dark Knight Rises is number four with $448.1 million. Rising to $409.1 million over a historically weak Labor Day weekend for newer movies, Wonder Woman surpassed both Captain America: Civil War and Iron Man 3 to claim the number five spot.It turns out there’s a sizeable market for a woman-led superhero movie. Particularly one as well-written and directed as Wonder Woman. That shouldn’t be a surprise, but you can bet there are some Hollywood executives who never thought something like this was possible. Here’s hoping this is enough of a lasso of truth to get them to make more.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetlast_img read more

"DCEU News John Cena Could be Shazam"