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Rebels to some, achievers to others

first_imgWhat do the American Revolution, public education, HIV/AIDS research, the living wage, and rock ’n’ roll have in common? For Timothy Patrick McCarthy and John McMillian, the answer is clear: They’re samples of the many achievements by radicals.Activism has long been a subject of interest for the two Quincy House residents and instructors.“We have both been profoundly moved by the challenges that historians have posed to the traditional, so-called ‘great man’ version of history, where social change comes from the top down rather than the bottom up,” said McCarthy, lecturer on history and literature in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and adjunct lecturer on public policy and director of the Human Rights and Social Movements Program at the Harvard Kennedy School. “We very much believe that social change comes from the grassroots, from the margins, and from the people.”McCarthy and McMillian met 15 years ago as graduate students at Columbia University. While separately teaching a popular course there on the American radical tradition headed by Eric Foner, both recognized the need for a single anthology of primary sources tracing the history of radical movements in the United States from the country’s founding to the present. This teaching experience eventually led to their collaboration on “The Radical Reader: A Documentary History of the American Radical Tradition” (The New Press, 2003), now in its second printing.McCarthy and McMillian, a continuing education and special programs instructor, have since co-edited a second volume, “Protest Nation: Words that Inspired a Century of American Radicalism” (The New Press, 2010). The compendium, which focuses on the 20th century, includes 29 documents, each introduced by the editors, ranging from speeches by Malcolm X and Harvey Milk to manifestos, letters, and essays on gay rights and civil rights, feminism, economic and environmental justice, and animal liberation.McMillian, who has served as a lecturer in history and literature, hopes that the book will encourage a more charitable understanding of the history of American radicalism.“It’s astonishing to look back at these movements led by people who were despised and faced incredible criticism from the dominant culture, and yet today we celebrate them as heroes,” he said.“We set out to restore the integrity of radicalism,” added McCarthy, “to say that these kinds of grassroots mobilizations and critiques from the margin have not only authority, but integrity. It’s important to understand this radical tradition and to convey to students and readers that listening to these voices and taking them seriously is required of us if we’re really going to understand history in its fullest dimensions.”Since 2002 McCarthy, along with John Stauffer, professor of English and of African and African American Studies, has taught “American Protest Literature from Tom Paine to Tupac,” a course also offered through the Harvard Extension School that is on track to become a General Education course next year.McCarthy and McMillian worry about the future of social movements. The campaign to abolish slavery lasted roughly 35 years. Continually inundated with new images and information, the current generation, they said, may not have the attention span or risk-taking spirit to start and sustain such a long movement.“We have thought that maybe we would see a rekindling of activism of the type we saw in the 1960s,” said McMillian. “There is a grassroots social protest movement happening, but it’s coming from the right. The left has not been mobilized quite as vigorously.”“Protest Nation” serves as a “field manual” of sorts for progressive activists who seek to place themselves within a history of rebellion.“There is no shortage of things in the world that are wrong, that need people to act in courageous ways,” said McCarthy. “This generation is searching for its calling, and there is no shortage of things to call them. Whether or not they will take up these issues is another question. I think that’s the question for every generation.”last_img read more

"Rebels to some, achievers to others"

The “A” in DREAM is for Automate

first_img 8SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Think of the first three letters Differentiate, Recreate and Educate as the ingredients to bake a one-of-a-kind-out-of-this-world-cake. Now we put them all together and automate (or bake) it.Kirk recommends the new member experience be the first place to try marketing automation.I recently sat in on a conference call regarding Net Promoter Score and found out that most credit unions are not “blowing members away” when they open up their new account.  In fact, very few members will give a promoter score citing “Too early to tell” or “I just opened the account and I don’t feel I know them yet.”But this was even more disconcerting. In a Pacific NW study of credit unions and banks they found that Chase AND Bank of America scored higher with Millennials (18-34) on the “overall recommend” question. They did not cite service as the reason but rather just the opposite. They do a great job making it possible for the Millennial customer to NEVER have to interact with a human. And they do that using automation. continue reading »last_img read more

"The “A” in DREAM is for Automate"

Attention goal setters: How to have an extraordinary fourth quarter

first_imgFourth quarter? What happened? We blinked. That’s it.  Summer’s in the wind, and autumn is in already heading into full swing.  Calendars are changing. Plans are being made. And eyes are on the end of the year prize. Did you do what you wanted to do?  Did you reach milestones? Or do you still have miles to go? It’s about that time.  Leaders are in full scale acceleration mode to pull out the stops and screech into the new year with kudos all around.  I’ve got you covered to help make it AH-Mazing – with a side order of fun.  First, do yourself and your team a favor:  Watch this (old) interview with the fabulous News at Sunrise Anchor Eve Tannery where we shared strategies on her show. It’s on the money. Second – take a few minutes to watch my video on the 10 ways you can make the most of the remainder of the year. Monday Makeover:  Give yourself a 15-minute head start on this week’s activities, so your I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed and you’re absolutely ready for anything.  Meetings?  Totally cool.  Performance reviews? You’ve got this. Appointments?  Locked and focused.  Deadlines and deliverables?  You’re a master.  Next take a glance at the month ahead and prioritize your pipeline.  Might it take more than 15 minutes? Maybe. Once this is a habit?  You’ll breeze through with ease. Money talks:  Here’s to conquering the Achilles’s heel of many business professionals. Watch those targets and keep them in your sites to remind yourself weekly of the last quarter results that are your responsibility. Mine are printed above my desk and on my phone for daily accountability!   Gaps & Goals:  Now’s the perfect time to rock a gap analysis of where you are vs. where your GOALS said you’d be at this time.  Deep dive to see and understand what’s necessary to bridge that gap if your member experience goals, productivity, prospecting or sales aren’t where you want or need them to be.  THAT will become the foundation of your plan of action for the next three months. Hustle & Grit.  Ever hear that saying, “No grit—no pearl?”  Now’s the time to hunker in and fire up your internal urgency to close deals, follow up on proposals, add value to members and make hit the phones and connect with your member base.  Watch goals daily, weekly and monthly and monitor them like your Credit Union depends on it.  Because it does. Less is MORE.  Meetings are necessary, check! But time? Is of the absolute essence. So pare down. Make sure they are time-efficient team meetings that are NO longer than 20-40 minutes, tops, with agendas and clear objectives.  Meeting not vital to this quarter? Ditch it.  Your team will thank you! Allow them to be hyper focused on deliverables, not meetings. Face Time.  Not on the iPhone…but real life one on one time so that every team member is clear of your support and you have a chance to investigate the resources, training, coaching or guidance they might need to finish their year strong. Schedule your 1:1 with your leader to update them on your team’s progress and proactively share good news. Make it a DAY.  Just as you put the trash out twice a week, there’s something to be said for allocating specific tasks to specific days when so that nothing gets missed.  Think Marketing Monday, Telephone Tuesday (outbound calls to existing members), Write It Up Wednesday (proposals), Team Development Thursday etc. Group activities to accelerate productivity. Hindsight Helps:  Take a look at your typical day’s timeline – only in reverse. Sometimes by working backwards we can see where we can adjust our schedules a little more effectively.  You know what they say – “Begin with the end in mind.”   Social Hours:  Let’s be honest – it’s holiday time. With that comes parties, invites and open houses.  Believe it or not? They are JUST as vital to your career and certainly life balance as all the “real work” that has to be done before we ring in the New Year. Make time to connect with people you care about at work and at home. Keep everyone on the team in the loop for business engagements, sit down with the family and figure out the plan for as well.  Then map it all out so wires don’t get crossed and everyone breathes a little easier knowing who is going where.  Oh – and don’t forget to break the mold every now and then and be spontaneous. ‘Tis the season friends to lighten up a little, spread some cheer and even switch gears here and there.  Who knows?  You might find yourself onto something new! DEFINITIVE FOCUS: Careful. It’s easy be distracted by holiday parties, end of the year crunch time, and school pageants.  While finding the balance can be more mayhem than merry at the end of the year, keep your wits about you. Get up early, prioritize things closest to your member experience goals and make sure you create a laser beam focus to get them checked off the list.  If ever there is a season for time-blocking, it’s the fourth quarter!  Set the timer on your phone, use software to block distracting websites (we use Freedom and love it) and make this your best end-of-year yet! Put these power-packed strategies in place and finish your year like the rock star you know you can be! Hey fourth quarter?  We’re coming for you! Get READY!  SET.  GO! 16SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Neen James Think force of nature. Boundless energy. Timely topics. Laugh out loud fun. Eye opening ideas. Take-aways that ACTUALLY create positive change.  Sound like what YOU’RE looking for? Then Motivational … Web: Detailslast_img read more

"Attention goal setters: How to have an extraordinary fourth quarter"

Paul Selva, once one of Trump’s top generals, endorses Biden

first_imgSelva could not be reached for comment.Other groups of former national security leaders have endorsed Biden and criticized Trump, but it is remarkable that a recently retired four-star general like Selva – who was the Pentagon’s No. 2 military officer – would publicly endorse any candidate and sign onto a letter condemning a president he served.Beyond Selva, retired Admiral Paul Zukunft, who served as commandant of the Coast Guard from 2014 until 2018, also appears on the long list of signatories.”I’m not a Republican and I’m not a Democrat,” Zukunft told Reuters in explaining his decision. Retired General Paul Selva, once one of President Donald Trump’s most senior military advisers, is joining a large group of former Pentagon leaders to publicly endorse Democratic candidate Joe Biden for the Nov. 3 presidential election, according to a letter seen by Reuters.Selva, who served as vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff until July 2019, appears on a list of 489 national security experts – including former military leaders, ambassadors and White House officials – who signed a letter being released on Thursday that declares Trump “not equal to the enormous responsibilities of his office.””Thanks to his disdainful attitude and his failures, our allies no longer trust or respect us, and our enemies no longer fear us,” reads the letter by the group, called National Security Leaders For Biden. “It really comes down to the fundamental values of our nation and our concern that those values are being compromised.”Like Zukunft, Selva was not initially selected for his position by Trump, who inherited military leaders picked by his Democratic predecessor, Barack Obama. Trump renewed Selva for a second, two-year term in 2017.Other prominent retired military officers endorsing Biden in the letter include: Samuel Locklear, a retired Navy admiral who led the US Pacific Command until 2015, and Peter Chiarelli, who retired in 2012 after serving as the Army’s vice chief of staff.Strained ties with pentagonAlthough Trump describes himself as a champion of the US military and boasts of hefty military spending, his relationship with the Pentagon has been strained. He has ridiculed top generals, ignored their advice on some key issues, and questioned their commitment to their soldiers.Earlier this month, Trump sought to underscore his support among rank-and-file soldiers.”I’m not saying the military’s in love with me. The soldiers are,” Trump told reporters. “The top people in the Pentagon probably aren’t because they want to do nothing but fight wars so all of those wonderful companies that make the bombs and make the planes and make everything else stay happy.”Asked about Selva’s endorsement of Biden, White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said she could not speak to one individual and defended Trump’s support for US troops.”The rank and file of this military love this president,” she told reporters at the White House.Biden’s campaign has been trying to build a broad coalition of liberals, moderate Republicans and independents. When he accepted the Democratic nomination at his party’s convention in August, Biden said that, if elected, he would be a president for all Americans, not just for the Democratic base.Susan Rice, former US national security adviser under the Obama administration, told Reuters many more prominent former officials wanted to join the list but missed a deadline ahead of the letter’s public release.She attributed the strong turnout to deep concerns among former US military, diplomatic, and intelligence officials.”On the military side, there were many who felt strongly that this was a moment in our history when our democracy and our Constitution was on the line,” said Rice, co-chair of National Security Leaders for Biden. Topics :last_img read more

"Paul Selva, once one of Trump’s top generals, endorses Biden"