Lincoln bar to close on Saturdays

first_imgAt this week’s meeting, Lincoln JCR President Arthur Wakeley explained to students that the move was intended to decrease the working hours of its manager Simon Faulkner.According to an email sent to Lincoln JCR and MCR members, “From now on, Deep Hall won’t ordinarily be open on Saturday evenings – the exception to this is if there is a specific pre-arranged event”.The move comes as Lincoln College plans to limit the selection of warm food available at Deep Hall, in an effort to curtail lunchtime queues and improve efficiency.It is understood that most Lincoln students are happy with the changes. One student, who wished to remain anonymous, told Cherwell, “The decision to close Deep Hall on Saturday is very fair and understood to be so by all members of college as our bar was previously open for food and drink between 9:30 and 11 seven days a week”.She continued, “We all understand that these were incredibly long hours and therefore are happy to sacrifice Saturday nights in order to give our bar manager a well deserved day off.”Lincoln’s bar is known as the ‘Deep Hall’, and is considered by many Lincoln students to be one of the best college bars in Oxford. One student commented, “The atmosphere in Deep Hall is always welcoming and you can generally find people in there from both the MCR and JCR, whether having a morning coffee or an evening drink”.last_img read more

"Lincoln bar to close on Saturdays"

Christmas Trees

first_imgThe holiday season is officially upon us. After a huge turkey dinner, many families begin decorating their homes. For many, the Christmas tree is the centerpiece of decorating and more and more people are choosing live trees.While a tree can be festive and fun, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension has several considerations for consumers to be mindful of when choosing one for their homes. In Georgia, there are a number of native-grown trees available for purchase, including Fraser fir, Leyland cypress and red cedar.Fraser fir has all the qualities of an excellent Christmas tree, such as fragrance, good needle retention and freshness. Its strong limbs also hold ornaments well.Many people prefer red cedar because it is the traditional southern Christmas tree. Redcedar has a nice fragrance, but its flexible limbs will not support many or heavy ornaments. Redcedar may dry rapidly in a warm house if it is not watered well.Leyland cypress is a relative newcomer in the Christmas tree market. It has a lighter green color than redcedar and has soft flexible limbs. It also has a very attractive shape. Like redcedar, Leyland cypress dries rapidly in a warm house.Before setting out to get a tree, first decide where in your home the tree will be located. This will help you decide what size tree to buy and whether all sides of the tree will be displayed. Looks can be deceiving. If you don’t measure the height of your ceiling, you may be forced to make some hacksaw adjustments that can leave your tree looking less than desirable. Consumers have three choices when purchasing a live Christmas tree. They can go to a retail lot where harvested trees are available, buy a “balled and burlapped” tree, or choose and cut a tree themselves.When selecting a tree at a retail lot, care is needed to ensure the tree is fresh. The most effective way for a buyer to evaluate the freshness of a cut tree is by how firmly the needles are attached to the branches. To test this, lightly grasp a branch of the tree and gently pull the branch and needles through your hand. If the tree is fresh, very few needles will come off.If you are cutting your own tree, inspect the tree for discolored or easily shed needles.“Balled and burlapped” trees are sold with their roots intact so that they can be replanted after the holiday season.A cut Christmas tree can last the entire holiday season without becoming excessively dry or shedding large amounts of needles if it is fresh when purchased and is given proper care. Be sure to place the tree in water as soon as possible and keep it out of direct sunlight as much as possible. If the tree has been cut within six to eight hours it is not necessary to retrim the trunk. If the tree was cut more than a day before you purchased it, trim a 1 to 2 inch piece off of the trunk to ensure continued quality. A freshly-cut Christmas trees will absorb a large amount of water within the first week. Therefore, check the water level frequently at this time. While there are many home remedies and commercial products available to keep a tree fresh, research shows that plenty of plain water works best. The water level should never fall below the cut end of the stump.To prevent an accident, place your tree away from space heaters, fireplaces and wood stoves. Electric lights and extension cords should be thoroughly checked for safety and defects prior to use. Frayed wires, broken sockets or loose connections can all be a fire hazard. Do not leave tree lights on while the tree is unattended. If you have small children or indoor pets, keep them in mind when trimming the tree.With a little planning and preparation, live Christmas trees can add a festive feel to your home during the holiday season.last_img read more

"Christmas Trees"

Massachusetts may become third state to begin planning for transition away from gas heating

first_imgMassachusetts may become third state to begin planning for transition away from gas heating FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Utility Dive:Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey on Thursday called for the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) to investigate the future of the state’s natural gas industry “to protect ratepayers and ensure a safe, reliable, and fair transition away from reliance on natural gas and other fossil fuels.”Massachusetts has set a legally binding statewide limit of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, which Healey said would require “sizeable reductions in its use of fossil fuels to achieve.”Healey’s call for an investigation of the gas sector follows similar actions in New York and California, which are also looking to transition away from fossil fuels. Advocates say the moves are overdue but indicate an important shift.In January, the California Public Utilities Commission opened a rulemaking proceeding to consider challenges relating to the state’s gas infrastructure safety and reliability while it pursues decarbonization. And in March, the New York Public Service Commission opened an investigation to consider issues related to gas utilities’ planning procedures.Clean energy advocates say the investigation will consider how Massachusetts can transition from gas-fueled heat and power in a way that does not leave lower-income residents responsible for stranded costs. “Getting off of gas without planning is going to be messy and inequitable,” Sierra Club’s Massachusetts director Deb Pasternak told Utility Dive.The next step, said Pasternak, is for the DPU to determine if it will open a new docket for the investigation.[Robert Walton]More: Massachusetts attorney general urges state examine shift from natural gas heatinglast_img read more

"Massachusetts may become third state to begin planning for transition away from gas heating"

Nigeria’s Military Detains 2 Al Jazeera Reporters

first_imgNigeria’s military has detained two Al Jazeera journalists in the northeast city of Maiduguri since Tuesday, the news outlet said on Thursday.Al Jazeera said the journalists, Ahmed Idris and Ali Mustafa, were being kept in their hotel rooms until further notice. Their camera equipment had been confiscated.Nigeria’s defence headquarters said on Wednesday that the two television reporters were “restrained to their hotel” after they had been monitored for “loitering” in areas where military operations were on-going against the country’s Islamist insurgency.last_img read more

"Nigeria’s Military Detains 2 Al Jazeera Reporters"

Beat writers predict No. 2 Syracuse to handle Miami in team’s 1st ACC contest

first_img Published on January 4, 2014 at 10:00 am Facebook Twitter Google+ Stephen Bailey: Syracuse 77, Miami 62Welcome to the showSyracuse rolls in its Atlantic Coast Conference opener as C.J. Fair catches fire and the Hurricanes’ defense is unable to find an answer. Jerami Grant shines in his second start of the season and delivers the posterizing dunk he’s due for. But the biggest question will be whether or not Rakeem Christmas gets out of Jim Boeheim’s doghouse. If DaJuan Coleman’s left leg contusion continues to hamper him, Christmas will be relied on for stronger defense. And Miami’s Donnavan Kirk isn’t a bad test.Trevor Hass: Syracuse 83, Miami 60No storm a comin’Syracuse doesn’t need to worry about the Hurricanes too much in its first-ever ACC game. Shane Larkin, Kenny Kadji and Durand Scott are all gone, and Miami is younger and less talented this season. The Hurricanes keep it relatively close for a while, but Grant and Trevor Cooney have big games and Miami struggles offensively against the zone. SU puts together a strong performance and bumps its record to 14-0.David Wilson: Syracuse 83, Miami 50Welcome to the ACCI was wrong. The ACC isn’t that good. There are some good teams, but Miami (Fla.) isn’t one of them. The Orange takes care of business in the Carrier Dome and asserts itself as the best team in its new conference. Commentslast_img read more

"Beat writers predict No. 2 Syracuse to handle Miami in team’s 1st ACC contest"