Sony contest 10000 if you hold up your arm the longest

first_imgSony will give you $10,000 if you can hold your arm up longer than anyone else. We’re not even joking, this is an actual contest the company is holding.As part of a promotion for the company’s latest game, Uncharted 3, The company has put up a website, Grab the Ring, in which you can activate your webcam and then hold up your arm as if holding the game’s thematic ring floating in the air. If you’ve got more hang time than anyone else, $10,000 is yours. If not, well, you get some neat weapons and clothes for your in-game avatar for use in the PlayStation 3 action game’s multiplayer mode.Once the challenge begins, a clock starts running. The first prize comes after just 15 seconds, but it’s really after several (tiring!) minutes that things pick up. After 4 minutes, players receive the Treasure Hunter Starter’s Pack. Once the minutes turn to hours, serious weapons begin to unlock. All the while, trailers for the game play in the background and are occasionally interrupted by Sony’s fictional executive Kevin Butler with taunting messages. The full list of details can be seen below.If you’re aiming for the ten grand for yourself, be prepared to be patient — as of this writing, the time to beat is 8:45. That’s 8 hours, 45 minutes. So start training, take a personal day from work, andUncharted 3 released this week from Naughty Dog for the PlayStation 3 and is available now.Play at grab-the-ring.comThe list of prizes is varied, but limited to digital goods. The range goes from an in-game t-shirt after 15 seconds (that’s the “thanks for playing prize”) to a Naughty Dog rifle (1 hour of arm-holding), to the alluring “Mystery Weapon 6” for just 2 hours of excruciating arm pain.last_img read more

"Sony contest 10000 if you hold up your arm the longest"