Spotify could launch later this year in the US but without the

first_imgThere’s a lot of anticipation for iTunes to finally enter the cloud as a streaming music subscription service, but for us Europeans, we’ve already got iTunes in the cloud, and it’s called Spotify. The only problem is that Spotify — as amazing as it is — is limited to Europe, and only some European countries at that… but it might be coming to American shores soon, if the Financial Times it to be believed.According to that paper, Spotify is trying to launch in the United States with as aggressive a time table as possible. This isn’t really news: Spotify has previously said that they want to launch in the United States by the end of the year. Unfortunately, if Spotify is successful, it looks likely at this point that the service will be hobbled by the notoriously convoluted politics of American music licensing when it finally reaches domestic shores.What’s the problem? In a word, Universal, Sony, Warner and EMI still haven’t inked any deals with Spotify for US licensing of their artists. In the past, Spotify has been patient, refusing to gimp the service by leaving out the major labels from launch, but Spotify’s own shaky financials now seem to be pushing their hands: it recorded a £16.6m ($26.4m) loss in the UK last year, and the company’s auditors seem unsure if the service will ever start being profitable.As such, Spotify wants to launch in America as soon as possible, even if they don’t have any major artists to boast of, just to show that they are still growing. It’s sad news for American music fans who have held out hope for Spotify coming to the States for the last two years: once Spotify lands in America, it might be Spotify in name only.Read more at Financial Timeslast_img read more

"Spotify could launch later this year in the US but without the"