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first_imgClick to see more pictures By CARP Uganda, Kyalo IvanCARP Uganda held a 7-day workshop with the theme: “Career Guided by Universal Principles”, which was held from 6th -12th February 2017 at Kampala University Main Campus Gaba.This workshop was intended to educate the newly recruited Carp students from Kampala university chapter after the inspired participants witnessed and convinced others to join carp plus others from different universities. It was strategized to take place in the first week of the semester, a week for orientation of the new students.We linked up with carp students who remained around the university during holidays in order to organize for the workshop including securing of the hall where we should conduct lectures and the rooms from the hostel where to accommodate participants who would not manage to commute from outside the university plus others who wished to attend from different universities where we have not yet held workshops but still laying grounds to establish our Carp presence.Also securing cooking and serving facilities that we could use to prepare meals and serve our intended participants.From the first 7-day workshop that we held earlier at this university, a number of changes had taken place including changing of administration officers in the university such as the Dean of students, hostel manager, the key people who helped us during the earlier workshop.We had then to meet the new officials to allow us use the university facilities for our workshop again. So with some students and the Carp patron we met the Dean of students, the Guild president and the hostel manager. They agreed to give us the facilities; the lecture hall was O.K, but the hostels were still under renovation and they would hopefully be ready for use a week after the 30th January 2017 (the earlier scheduled date of the workshop). So we were advised to postpone the workshop to the following week (February 6th, 2017) the week of orientation for the new students, creating also an opportunity for us to talk to the new students. So we got approval from the Dean that we shall have the hostel rooms and a lecture hall.Two days to the start of the workshop we got a phone call from the Dean informing us that a new policy had been passed on the hostels and now we were required to pay a figure of 1,500,000 Uganda shillings ($500) dollars for them.We then had to inform those confirming to attend the workshop that we have failed to secure the hostels thus cancelling arrangement for all resident students as we had earlier planned. Also we had a group of six students who were coming from Rwanda that we informed to cancel the journey. (Note: We are cooperating with Rwanda to start up carp chapters there by training carp pioneers from Uganda.) In the first workshop held, we had three students from Rwanda, and this time six were coming to attend. For this arrangement, one of our Carp staff had to go to Rwanda and conduct the workshop there for those students due to our workshop that had been postponed since their semester was beginning soon and they would not manage to attend a week after.We wouldn’t afford total cancellation of the workshop but had to carry it on from 6th. February. 2017 to deny Satan victory. So we had to deal with those who would manage to commute to and fro every day to attend the workshop. This closed out a number of participants. Our plan was now to look for two rooms for hire around the university where the Carp facilitators would be accommodated. We managed to get the rooms with the assistance of our carp students who rent nearby. The only participants whom we accommodated were those who shared rooms with nearby renting CARP members who had space. still we held the workshop from 6th February as it was rescheduled under the theme;” Career guided by universal principles.The number of participants that fully attended the 7-day workshop was 25 but this number would rise some of the time by those who were on and off. We had one student from the international University of east Africa who attended once due to lack of accommodation and was doing exams, she was sent by our contact professor; students from Makerere University were also doing exams and only one managed to come and completed the 7 days while from KIU, three students managed to commute and complete the 7 days.The theme was chosen as cover to attract attendants but Divine Principle from chapter 1- 2nd coming was given plus true father’s life course and the Blessing. But counseling and guidance is what we crafted focusing on the themeMost of the participants during the workshop wondered why such a wonderful truth had never been given anywhere and complained that perhaps it was selfishly done underground instead of letting everybody get it. They advised how to quickly spread the message where all people should participate and many asked the process of receiving the blessing is so as to cut off original sin, with one of the participants threatening that if he died between that day and the next we would be responsible for his lack of restoration and connection to the new messiah when we know that they only got spiritual salvation yet the time identity showed time is now and the mission like that of Elijah was passed on to a new person with a new name. We had shared about the Blessing and all participants said that they wanted it in order to cut off Satan’s blood linage, especially after hearing testimonies from some of the facilitators and the Carp patron plus the videos shown about the “Power of True Love” and others.Generally, the spirit was so high and the participants appreciated to the extent of mobilizing a gift to the education director Mr. Gwaku David who kept with them giving most presentations which was presented to him through the university chapter president. The workshop moved on well despite the challenges we met in feeding the participants, accommodation, etc., but heaven was in our midst.The workshop ended well with a representative speech from one of the participants appreciating the truth revealed to the them, followed by university chapter president who thanked the facilitators and participants for their sacrifice that made the workshop a success. He advised participants to bring in more people in Carp. Then the Carp Patron, the deputy vice chancellor Prof. A B T Akiiki Byaruhanga encouraged the students to take it serious, giving an account on how he himself benefited and even received the blessing from true parents after a professor’s workshop. He was again called by the national Carp president Mr. Paul Mukasa to award certificates of attendance to participants. A group photo was taken after which we had three cheers of Eok Mansei. And finally lunch was served before departure.last_img read more

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