Splinter Cell Blacklist Paladin Collectors Edition includes an RC plane

first_imgIn order to hype up the high-margin collector’s edition of the latest entry of Ubisoft’s decade-old Splinter Cell franchise, the studio is including a remote controlled replica of protagonist Sam Fisher’s plane.Splinter Cell Blacklist:The Paladin Collector’s Edition, as advertised in the YouTube video above, includes the tie-in graphic novel Splinter Cell: Echoes (which serves as a prequel to Blacklist), an additional map pack, limited edition poster, and a remote controlled plane.Echoes is an 88-page graphic novel written by Nathan Edmondson, a DC comics scribe most famous for his series The Activity, which served as part of the 2011 DC Universe Reboot cannon.The additional maps found in the collector’s edition are the co-op maps Billionaire’s Yacht, Dead Coast, and the Upper Echelon Pack. The collector’s edition also includes some in-game content to enhance the player’s experience, such as the Gold Sonar Goggles and Upper Echelon Suit.Ubisoft says the Paladin, the included R/C airplane, will get a fair amount of airtime and “is a custom three-channel, dual-motor plane” modeled after the mobile headquarters of protagonist Fisher and his spypals at Fourth Echelon.Splinter Cell Blacklist:The Paladin Collector’s Edition will be available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on August 20 carrying a price of $169.99. There’s no word yet on a PC release, but the collector’s edition for consoles will almost certainly be released in limited quantities, so a pre-order is essential.Considering last year’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 mega-pack, has this started an arms race in the category of insanely large collector’s editions?last_img read more

"Splinter Cell Blacklist Paladin Collectors Edition includes an RC plane"