Javeline-thrower Neeraj Chopra wins another gold, here’s his successful journey and some facts about the game

first_imgNeeraj Chopra, famous javeline-thrower from India, has recently bagged another gold at the Sotteville Athletics meet in France on Tuesday. Here’s a look at his successful journey and a little about the game.Read: Commonwealth Games: Know all about the game and the participantsNeeraj’s strategy: Chopra is getting better with every game he plays. This time, his best throw of 85.17 m was enough to grab the highest spot on the podium, leaving Moldova’s Andrain Mardare behind on the second spot with 81.48 m distance, while Edis Matusevicius of Lithuania took the bronze with his 79.31 m throw.AFI President Adille Sumariwala tweeted congratulating Neeraj:Well done Neeraj…keep going…Congratulations to Neeraj and coach Uwe Hohn (former World Record Holder in javelin throw). Thank you SAI and Govt of India for agreeing to send Neeraj to Finland along with coach for training on recommendation of Athletics Federation of India https://t.co/ivbRTf6GbBAdille Sumariwalla OLY (@Adille1) July 17, 2018 Javelin-thrower Neeraj ChopraNeeraj’s career growth as a javelin-thrower:In 2016, Neeraj won a gold medal with a throw of 82.23 m at the South Asian GamesIn the same year, he won the IAAF World U-20 Championship with flying colours, setting a world junior recordHowever, he failed to qualify for the 2016 Summer Olympics as the last date for them was July 11, and he couldn’t make itIn 2017, he won another gold in the Asian Athletic Championship with a stunning throw of 85.23 metersIn 2018, he was praised for the best men’s javelin throw of the season at Commonwealth Games (CWG)In May 2018, he again made headlines by making a national record at the Doha Diamond League with a throw of 87.43 metersadvertisementWhat is javelin throw?Javelin throw is a track and field event where the javelin — a spear of about 2.5 m (8 ft 2 inches) in length — is thrown with force. Players gain momentum by running and throwing javelin towards the predetermined area. This game is played by both men and women. Representational imageHow is javelin played?Holding a metal-tipped javelin with one arm, a player has to throw it with full force towards the mark so that it covers maximum distance.The athlete must hold the javelin by its corded grip with his or her little finger closest to the tip of the implement (point where force must be applied).The men’s javelin is generally of at least 800 g and 2.6 m – 2.7 m length, while the women’s javelin is 600 g and 2.2 m – 2.3 m in length.An athlete must throw the javelin over the upper part of their throwing arm.Players should not cross the foul line, i.e., scratch line, at any time.The javelin should be thrown in a manner that the tip touches the mark within an area of 29-degrees, as it gives an advantage to the player, for the throw is measured from the tipping point.The athlete is given a chance to prove his mettle with at least four or six throws.Read: Game-based learning benefits: The new education process that can change everythingFacts about javelin throwJavelin evolved from the traditional practice of hunting and warfare.The game was first played in Ancient Greece, and later, got incorporated into the Olympic Games in 708 BC as part of the pentathlon.In 1986, the throwing distances were shortened by approximately 10 per cent due to this incident:In 1984, Uwe Hohn created a record of 104.80 m in East Germany and the throw went beyond the space available in the stadium. Since it was quite dangerous, authorities decided to reduce the distance of the throw.Read: CWG 2018: Neeraj Chopra becomes first Indian to win in Javelin ThrowInterested in General Knowledge and Current Affairs? Click here to stay informed and know what is happening around the world with our G.K. and Current Affairs section.To get more updates on Current Affairs, send in your query by mail to [email protected]last_img read more

"Javeline-thrower Neeraj Chopra wins another gold, here’s his successful journey and some facts about the game"