How to choose a suitable site

website Whether

site early data volume is not great, so do not see the outcome, when the site continues to expand the scale, even when the portal level, the program data carrying capacity is a great test. So the carrying capacity is also appropriate to consider. In addition to the expansion of the proper consideration under the program function, the website construction in the early, don’t think too much, with the development of the website, the functional requirements may also be more and more, so a powerful expansion program, can still awesome again. read more

"How to choose a suitable site"

Love Shanghai search Spider3 0 upgrade what is the benefit of the site

link discovery: now magnitude, new links every day sipder found in about 50 billion of that? Your site content more easily found by Spider and capture, and in love Shanghai Webmaster Platform submit links is the most efficient, but love engineers in Shanghai station, don’t submit links, especially low link quality, so as to achieve better and more timely collection.

‘timeliness more content – content site more opportunities "

link grab and database, developed a more powerful machine learning model to link quality prediction, the global ranking of all links in the library, and the value link to improve the recall rate index show 95%! Improve the timeliness, the original is about 10 days, now we all know that ascension ranging from 40%~80%! From the search engine, users to search the final search results show the following steps: capture, database, sort, display, capture and construction speed boost means that the content of the site can be faster than the original show to the end user search. read more

"Love Shanghai search Spider3 0 upgrade what is the benefit of the site"

Why do some people always do well in Shanghai Dragon

"version", meaning that no heart, and if not down to have a good attitude to work is very easy to make mistakes problem, a problem, how can you go to the Shanghai dragon

four, mindless

is to sum up some people do not think Xiao Ming Shanghai dragon problem, of course, to write this article to express themselves more, just because usually in Xiao Ming.

two, no patience

, flighty and impetuousIn the words of my hometown is

patience is a necessary quality for Shanghai dragon, because Shanghai dragon is a very time consuming work, there can be no special good effect you optimize tomorrow today, it needs a period of accumulated precipitation, will slowly optimization results show no patience perseverance insist for a long time only to give up halfway. In fact, not only do Shanghai Longfeng, do anything no matter in any industry if you have no patience, what things do well. read more

"Why do some people always do well in Shanghai Dragon"

Website optimization need to be cautious not to let the original be right down arch criminal

website theme original content

no doubt, rich original content website certainly has reason to win the highly favored search engine, but in fact it is not so. This one website optimization experience will only coincide with the content of perception, theme of the site, its advantage to play out. Or that the web site at least 80% of the original content is around the site theme, the optimization effect will play to the best condition. For example, a website construction company website, the website of the vast majority of the content should focus on website construction and website production, even if fully consistent with the theme, and website construction should also be related, such as domain host, even to talk about the user experience of the website etc.. read more

"Website optimization need to be cautious not to let the original be right down arch criminal"

King glory hand travel product analysis report the rise of the king of glory the outcome is so simp

operation: touch and touch remote sensing

believe that offer friends should not be strange to LEAD, in fact, it’s not what the big difference, are registered, but obviously do LEAD want to earn more than offer, because Lead is going to union to apply for accounts, then put ads on their sites, while the offer is to be registered station to complete the task, you are to others to make money, just to get the commission. So before doing LEAD what we want to do the preparatory work? How can we do the same month as master LEAD earn thousands of dollars? Wangzhuan classic article nets to carefully explain their own a little experience and absorb them from the LEAD master experience there. read more

"King glory hand travel product analysis report the rise of the king of glory the outcome is so simp"

Ma Huateng to entrepreneurs suggestions industry cross border opportunitiesVery little investment t

TechWeb reported on July 20th news, before attending a business platform for the establishment of the ceremony, the board of directors of the Tencent chairman and chief executive officer Ma Huateng suggested that young entrepreneurs should pay attention to the two cross industry, "an industry has been done for a long time, is already one of the Red Sea, we now see with new technology in two a cross industry part is often the most likely born innovation opportunities, it is a blue ocean". read more

"Ma Huateng to entrepreneurs suggestions industry cross border opportunitiesVery little investment t"

How to solve the six major bottlenecks in local community development of Shanghai Dragon


the first major bottleneck: love Shanghai not included in your site, this would often make many webmaster at the railway station, scorched by the flames, through a variety of methods to the website submitted to the search engine, but always find love Shanghai completely indifferent to your website, so a week, half a month still, you must just like ants on a hot pan, because we included new love in the impression of Shanghai speed is relatively fast, but now the love of Shanghai has been adjusted to the new algorithm, extend the period of new sites, so when your site is not included when we don’t have to be so nervous. At this point you should still strengthen your site to update, still go to their website to do the construction of the chain, just wait a few days, as long as you persist in a few days, the website is in One day in Shanghai to be loved by, when you will have to break the first bottleneck of the community website read more

"How to solve the six major bottlenecks in local community development of Shanghai Dragon"

Let love Shanghai mall site optimization techniques included page

In all of the

we look at three common to all B2B sites with

three: the head of the page, navigation, the bottom three is exactly the same.

we know, love Shanghai for content recognition of text types included the fastest, the fastest, then we need to work on in the product description, product description must be detailed, the properties of the products are all written to understand, so there are two advantages, one: to love Shanghai included; second: to the user experience. Avoid the use of "better quality" and "credit guarantee" and other words, the best description of the contents of each product across more than 300 words, if it is not so much information can be written, we can also find related products to buyers evaluation on Taobao, the evaluation after finishing the cloth to the ShangCheng Railway Station B2B comments. This can also reduce page similarity. read more

"Let love Shanghai mall site optimization techniques included page"

Medical websites exchange some misunderstanding in Links


2, the other can not access the site or problems immediately under

N many people in exchange links when they love to use "painless" "infertility" such as super popular keywords as their website link exchange words, not knowing this keyword actually is ineffective, imagine a month before the establishment of new sites, 100 sites are not included they want impact of such close >

this is a recurring problem, although when exchanging links from both sides have agreed to have what change timely notice, but there are still many links in exchange once when the website of the other side can not access or website problems cannot be displayed immediately to remove the link to each other; in fact, it is very desirable in fact, search engines are more concerned about the stability of the link, just think, if a person often for friends; it is not reliable. The link is the same, if found each other can not access the site, may wish to contact each other and see what the situation is, if unable to contact the may wish to observe a few days to make a decision, the long-term stability of the link is the search engine favorite, of course, if your site is a serious drop right, such as: pulled hair, included sharply reduce, then you should not hesitate to remove; and we should keep a distance with friends. read more

"Medical websites exchange some misunderstanding in Links"

Love Shanghai algorithm upgrade will affect the cheating site included and low quality site ranking

statement is not true

5, a large number of illegal websites or fraud, may cause the user property loss

3, "with accumulation of keywords or articles are not related to the topic, in an attempt to deceive the search engine, without the help of the essence of

from the end of June we last updated anti cheating algorithms have achieved good results, some low quality content in search results is cleared, the overall quality site for more traffic. But our algorithm upgrade does not end, before we recently added more features, it will further reduce the search results in the low quality of the show. The purpose is to make good results, is still the original site to get more shows, so as to enhance the user search experience, maintain fairness and healthy development of the Internet ecosystem. The love of Shanghai system upgrade, hit mainly as random sampling, effect of hyperlink cheating on the user experience of the website, for example: read more

"Love Shanghai algorithm upgrade will affect the cheating site included and low quality site ranking"