Xining City the military support work presents a new bright spot

has been in Xining city at all levels of the military firmly establish the core concept of the development of civil military integration, in order to consolidate and develop the support model city results as the basis, to the development of local productivity and improve combat effectiveness, enhance military and civilian cohesion as the goal, support work from push, the overall level of work in the continuous improvement and innovation, showing a new bright spot in many military the support work. read more

"Xining City the military support work presents a new bright spot"

Xining vehicle team kit upgrade

"Suxiaoshangfeng capsule, Banlangen Granules, phlegm cough syrup, cold granules, Rhodiola, paragraph gives us drug really rich ah." In November 16th, Xining Lhasa bus depots by workshop, maintenance of a class of workers while Gesang San Ju turned the team kit said.

"we shop far from the city, go to the hospital very troublesome, usually have a headache and slight fever, or small convenience kit." Lhasa bus workers Bao Junping said.  
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"Xining vehicle team kit upgrade"

Xining customs revenue to achieve a good start to complete warehousing 32 million 300 thousand yuan

at the beginning of the new year, the whole Xining customs and give full play to the customs supervision, follow-up management and front-line combat smuggling three force force, according to local conditions, take measures to improve the quality of tax collection and management. As of February 15th, a total of 32 million 300 thousand yuan to complete the tax warehousing, tax revenue to achieve a good start". (author: Wang Lizhi)

"Xining customs revenue to achieve a good start to complete warehousing 32 million 300 thousand yuan"

Wang Yubo smooth engineering year after year

How to further deepen the city through the management of traffic flow capacity, to create a safe, orderly, Shunda road traffic environment? In November 10th, accompanied by mayor Wang Yubo, deputy mayor Xu Guocheng and the person in charge of the relevant units, special inspection in our city this year smooth project progress, to plan the next step of the smooth implementation of the project ideas and projects.

"Wang Yubo smooth engineering year after year"

With the book to drift Xining Book drifting activities

11 point

the morning of January 8th, with all kinds of books books on the car into the flow of International Community Garden Plaza hyatt. The staff put the children’s books, cultural history, literature and other books neatly placed on the table. In a short time, there are a lot of readers around the desk.

exercise in the square with grandpa Ma Xiaoli, see the "elegant long floating million books rafting banners, took grandfather came to the village square, holding the" forest "love. City library staff told her the way the activities, she immediately ran home to get idle books. "Books drift ‘floated the hope, sowing the civilization." Xiao Li’s grandfather is full of culture. Xiao Li traded his book for the new children’s book, with a bright smile on his face. After the exchange, she filled out the reader survey, I hope there will be such activities into the community. It is reported that the

, a month long book floating activity, with a total of 12 Book floating point, according to set a good line on time ‘drift’ to the next unit. Activities began in January 6th, the end of February 13th, 11 to 16 hours a day for rafting activities. The event, a total of more than 100 kinds of procurement of more than 2000 books, according to the activities of the association will be additional procurement books.

this day, 57 year old ma in international community Bookcrossing, he obtained the required books. Although a few easy to master, the book is a bit old, but the horse master is still very happy. "Now fashionable electronic reading, their computer is not very proficient, some books can not buy online. Today, I have a book for a book on the market is difficult to buy poetry collection, the mood is very excited." He also said that this kind of old and old, the new book rafting activities, not only to save the environment, but also improve the efficiency of the use of books.

"Bookcrossing", "drift" into the community, "float" into the heart, to create a national reading atmosphere in Xining, truly realize the "book sharing knowledge due to the spread of eternity, and beautiful".
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"With the book to drift Xining Book drifting activities"

Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce focused on the destruction of counterfeit and shodd

3 14 am, the Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce in accordance with the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau in 2012, the overall deployment and requirements of the "3.15" series of activities, focused on the destruction of counterfeit goods. Industrial and Commercial Bureau provincial Party secretary Comrade Chen Xinglong, deputy director of the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau members of the party, comrade Da Jianning, Industrial and Commercial Bureau city party secretary Comrade Wan Jianying, deputy director of the municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau members of the party, comrade Liu Huizhong came to the site.
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"Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce focused on the destruction of counterfeit and shodd"

Xining Guiyang Freemasonry Tourism

is also a plateau city, also has a cool and pleasant climate, how to promote the rich plateau summer tourism? How to keep the pace of tourists? In April 16th, the "great beauty of Qinghai, the summer capital of Xining tourism promotion group came to Guiyang, and from Guiyang tourism industry, scenic spots around the development, create high-quality tourist routes for extensive promotion and communication.

although Xining and Guiyang are two cities to create summer tourism, but there are great differences between the two geographical landforms, ethnic customs and folk customs. I believe this exchange promotion activities will make the two complement each other.". Promote the meeting, City Tourism Bureau of Xining tourism circle ring xiadou difference within 200 km of the unique Tu and Sala ethnic customs and the existence and Guiyang tourism resources of detail, highlights the Qinghai Lake tourism line, the Yellow River line, tourism source Tangfangudao tourism line, religious pilgrimage tourism line, the roof of the world the Qinghai Tibet railway line, travel tours ten boutique tourist routes. read more

"Xining Guiyang Freemasonry Tourism"

Xining will focus on the implementation of the four units of fire from the household registration

strengthen the organization to guide and improve the stall, a regular report for the record, real-time dynamic monitoring, fire brigade, Xining City Public Security Bureau will be from the four aspects, and strive through three years of efforts, the basic realization of all the key unit of fire safety fire safety "hukou" management. This is a reporter from the fire brigade held a news conference held on September 5th.

to do a good job in the current fire safety work, effectively prevent and curb serious fire accidents, especially vicious Qunsiqunshang fire accidents, the fire brigade in Xining within the city to carry out fire safety key units "hukou" management work, promote social units to implement fire safety responsibility. To achieve security self-examination, hidden trouble, self responsibility". The key unit of fire safety of concrete to fully implement the "three declaration" system, namely: the unit of fire safety responsibility and management change declaration, building fire protection facilities maintenance unit of fire safety assessment declaration, self declaration. read more

"Xining will focus on the implementation of the four units of fire from the household registration"

Western restaurant franchise shop location proposal

western restaurant franchise in the market is very popular, so that franchisees are very exciting. Open this kind of shop, generally want to pay great attention to site selection. Because this kind of shop is for the mass market, so in the site must consider the effective flow of people, only to reach your expectations can do a good job site.

business district location

these places a wide range of shopping people, tourists are also relatively rich, although these groups are shopping based, but there are some people need leisure and dining. These groups do not pay attention to the price of food in the dining process, dishes can be accepted, but they pay more attention to the dining environment, such as health, comfort, etc.. read more

"Western restaurant franchise shop location proposal"