O2O can really let the pharmaceutical business shine

talk about the domestic pharmaceutical electricity supplier, the development of today has been for several years, but it is still just lukewarm. The reason, but also a lot of factors, Liu Kuang think the main reason for the following five points:

The biggest factor

1, hinder the development of pharmaceutical electricity supplier is the special nature of drugs, causing many consumers not to buy drugs online, worried that once the buy fake actually let their The loss outweighs the gain. And at any given time, the advice given by the doctor is often required under the guidance of a doctor. It is true that the drug is different from clothes, mobile phones and other commodities, some of the ordinary consumer drug is better to say that the prescription drug is determined not to buy online. read more

"O2O can really let the pharmaceutical business shine"

E commerce an analysis of the macro innovation mode of enterprise business model

according to the degree of innovation, there are two types of innovation in the business model of e-commerce enterprises. The former is the original business model disruptive change, creating a new business model, the main mode of extension, out of thin air; the latter is partially revised based on the existing business model, improve the efficiency of business operations, it is to introduce the concrete specific characteristics of macro innovation mode.

1 out of thin air this business model is not generally isolated to create new products and services, also not isolated changes in sales channels and sales model, but to change the operation mode of the entire value chain, creating a new business model. This model is the most representative of the typical B2S (experiential e-commerce), which represents the enterprise to enjoy china. read more

"E commerce an analysis of the macro innovation mode of enterprise business model"

Group purchase group purchase network industry is facing reshuffle situation of SMEs need to go else

According to iResearch

data show that from the beginning of the first group purchase net growth to more than 3 thousand today, just 11 months time, when more and more white collar group purchase will be as a kind of cultural office, this unique mode of e-commerce has been gradually integrated into our lives, from before group purchase coupons to the current users of the basic necessities of life, life gradually to the online shopping consumer life over. And the data show that from the beginning of January this year Chinese first group purchase website was born, as of the end of August, the number of network group purchase domestic enterprises scale has reached 1215. Only in September this year, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen four cities, the number of transactions to buy up to 1 million 810 thousand people, the total transaction value of more than $110 million. read more

"Group purchase group purchase network industry is facing reshuffle situation of SMEs need to go else"

Pocket through exposing WeChat Ecology Taobao second echelon sellers turn red

[Reuters] "billion state power on Taobao big sellers in the WeChat era almost all play together, compared with the original Taobao small second echelon sellers but rushed to fame, do very well." This is the pocket through business operations director Castle (also known as cold) on the current stage of WeChat electricity supplier ecology reviews.

understanding of Taobao, Tmall ecological people, this phenomenon is undoubtedly unexpected. Those in the "Taobao" mix a seller – the traditional brand, for having heard it many times gradually mature network brand in the WeChat era really outdated? The so-called "second tier" sellers and what is to become the new darling of consumers read more

"Pocket through exposing WeChat Ecology Taobao second echelon sellers turn red"

Come to the mall public network SKG new package to

summer is coming, food will be worried about the deterioration of the problem. People at home, it is time to start adding equipment, arrangements for summer life!

recently, the world’s largest global manufacturer of mall navigation site, mall public network (www.sczw.com) and SKG cooperation, launched a huge discount. SKG as a well-known fashion exquisite home appliance brand, recently launched a only 1999 yuan ultra low price JC-95E/3581 intelligent temperature control home ice bar (95L), won the mall fans love read more

"Come to the mall public network SKG new package to"

Fuanna test data with WeChat marketing to push products

news September 22nd, days before fuanna Home Furnishing goods Limited by Share Ltd responsible person said in the investor relations activities, the company in advance to play the role of new media, to carry out marketing data, in cooperation with the WeChat platform to push customers product information.

to carry out data marketing online promotion

It is reported that

, fuanna trying some cross-border business, and constantly optimize the business strategy, based on big data, play the role of new media, to carry out data marketing, increase online sales promotion efforts, and actively cooperate with WeChat and other platforms, to push customers to product information, boost business growth. At present, fuanna business overall or in the foundation stage. read more

"Fuanna test data with WeChat marketing to push products"

April Volkswagen season open shop to find the star password

recovery in April Spring returns to the good earth.,! Is a new season, in this particular season, star password launched a comprehensive "public business" activities, to achieve your entrepreneurial dream! Business open shop, open shop star password. Star password (http://s.xingmima.com) to provide a one-stop service for you to open shop dream, lets you quickly boarded the entrepreneurial star.

Volkswagen season, the star password provides you with 3 protection

1, venture low risk

open shop to find the star password, you do not have to worry about open shop technology, online sources, shop decoration, shop promotion and other issues, because the star password to help you solve the problem. Completely reduce your shop time and entrepreneurial risk. read more

"April Volkswagen season open shop to find the star password"

Alibaba’s acquisition of cnzz to increase the pace of integration of e commerce business

on Wednesday May 4, 2011, traffic statistics of service provider CNZZ relevant person in charge confirmed Alibaba group has completed the acquisition of CNZZ, which marks the Alibaba in the electronic commerce services business integration and take a step.

Alibaba Group acquired CNZZ news for a long time, although the CNZZ behind the scenes operator Cai Wensheng had repeatedly denied, but this is an indisputable fact in the industry. Alibaba public relations department did not comment on the matter too much, but said the amount of the acquisition is not rumored $15 million. read more

"Alibaba’s acquisition of cnzz to increase the pace of integration of e commerce business"

Baidu sales promotion Hubei Baidu Guo Yeye

Baidu search engine, we are familiar with, but what is Baidu sales, perhaps only a small number of people do not know, Baidu’s telephone sales is mainly responsible for the sale of Baidu promotion business.

what is the promotion of Baidu is to spend money, you can make any target site and related keywords to Baidu’s home page position.

said Baidu promotion business I have contacted for about two years, the beginning is engaged in the sales promotion of Baidu in Beijing, and later bought a house in Wuhan, he settled in Wuhan, picked up the old bank, into the company (Hubei Baidu agent), continue to engage in telephone sales, sales of products is still Baidu promotion. read more

"Baidu sales promotion Hubei Baidu Guo Yeye"

nternational domain name next month the overall price increases

      news today, international domain name registration organization ICANN will improve the international domain name price in the next month, which led to global international domain name registration and renewal price hikes.

      it is reported that the price of the international domain names include English.Com / net/ biz, Chinese COM / net/ biz, etc..

      the reporter contacted the Internet era confirmed that the international domain name next month will indeed be full price, but the increase has not received notice, but the increase of domestic and international is not necessarily consistent, and each service provider will be adjusted according to their own situation. Remind the majority of customers, the best years of registration or renewal in price before the international domain name. read more

"nternational domain name next month the overall price increases"