Building materials stores operating experience to know

building materials industry does business is hot, has selected items, after selection of products and their own shop, building materials store finally opened up, then you need to pay attention to the details of business management. What do you need to operate the building materials stores? It is important to grasp the following points.

1, store decoration period determination

2, decoration budget

the decoration budget is very important also, dealers in store decoration at the beginning should be carefully determined will store decoration budget. The decoration budget should be carefully analyzed to calculate the results, including the area, store decoration stores operated by the link by the application of the building materials product quantity, the use of the product in the market price.

3, purchase and store positioning

4, find the source of the product to reduce the purchase cost of

in the purchase process of building products, try to find the source of the home products, reduce the middlemen caused unnecessary product cost, the purchase price decided to store is competitive, so find the commodity factory house is crucial to reduce intermediate links, directly reduce the cost. How to open a building materials store? How stores are operating in low-end products, then the price advantage will be further revealed, will also be more conducive to the promotion and sale of products in the end market.

5, get the support of wholesalers

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