Anshan city in 2016 the first phase of free entrepreneurship training classes

is suitable for business people, must first have the entrepreneurial ability, in order to improve people’s entrepreneurial ability, to ensure the quality of entrepreneurship, Anshan city in 2016 the first phase of free entrepreneurship training has been opening, entrepreneurs naturally can not miss such a good chance.

the entrepreneurship training is training students to participate in the characteristics of short period, high degree of flexibility for training, want to start a business and have established the enterprise but need to further improve their business management knowledge and ideas of entrepreneurs.


basically as long as the entrepreneurial training, creating a series of processes and issues of the enterprises will grasp. Free entrepreneurship training has certain requirements for the training object: requirements not employment should previous graduates of colleges, and other personnel; the province accounts; no unit to pay insurance.

with entrepreneurial ability and policy help, start easily, therefore, the utility of Anshan city brought the entrepreneurial support policies are, believe in continuously improve policies to support entrepreneurship, successful entrepreneurs will be more and more.


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