How to open a successful jewelry store

jewelry to join the pace of development of the industry is quite amazing, many entrepreneurs want from operating a jewelry stores to start, it is necessary to have some business knowledge and skills, then run a successful jewelry stores how to start?

1. dressed " his face ". Shop such as the appearance of human faces, namely the " shop is the face of ". This is the customer in a moment to determine the image of a store by virtue of the basis. Stores including the name, emblem, shop signs, exterior decoration, window, plus store color and lighting, the first impression is the key to good customers stopped.

2. door open to facilitate. Import and export of easy jewelry wholesale stores, in order to prosper.

3. customers into the store, the clerk had better not " step by step follow ".

4. pay attention to the image of the clerk. Fingers, clothing to clean.

5. jewelry to allow customers to see, easy access to. That is, " easy to see, easy to take " hand;. Placed on the open shelves of jewelry, so that customers feel easy to choose.

6. all the ornaments on the price, the price of goods. Must be in the effort to collect the customer’s price expectations and the price of competitive jewelry wholesale shop on the basis of intelligence to determine the appropriate price.

7. jewelry wholesale store and customer relations, in the final analysis is the interpersonal relationship. Say hello to the customer and not speak. You know, shopping is also a space for communication.

8. to explain the knowledge and sales of jewelry is proportional to the consumer is not an expert, you need guidance. To make consumers aware that you are helping him.

9. customers psychological ease, the other party can not buy nor disappointed or unhappy expression.

10. make money and change, clean face, looking for tickets to the guests.

11. thanks to the old customers, old customers are the best customers. On the wholesale jewelry store means increasing the rate of return. Study on the American scholar Lei Qihan Saisset and show that customer loyalty increases 5%, the profit can be increased 25%.


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