Entrepreneurial financing road to find the winter

in the second half of this year, many O2O platform suffered a crisis, many small companies began to close down or layoffs. Entrepreneurs looking for investment has become even more bumpy road, it was said that the advent of the capital of winter, and has deeply affected the development of entrepreneurship.

"I am on vacation next month, then contact the" eleven "before the start, only do not vote." Recently, some investors have been aware of such reply Lin ting.

"decoction, we according to the valuation of the project we talked about before the price directly cut in half the pitch, you now?" Creative potential capital chairman, founding partner Tang Xudong began to receive such consulting entrepreneurs. In order to get financing as soon as possible, many entrepreneurs at their own project valuation discount to attract investment.

is the first giant reduced recruitment, streamlining spending – September and October, Alibaba and Baidu have announced the adjustment of talent strategy, reduce the campus recruitment index, or stop social recruitment. Has always been to burn and a price war to seize the user’s "old friends" group and the public comments, Ctrip and where the network, have unexpectedly chosen "together", then heating.

to angel investment as the representative of the venture capital, also from the limelight is hot "go faster", became cautious "carefully strict investment". Venture capital and private equity research institutions Qing research center data show that in the three quarter of this year, the number of cases and the amount of investment in China angel investment institutions were down by $12.6% and $1.8%. In the first quarter of this year, the case of domestic start-ups angel investment is an increase of 93.9%, an increase of the amount of disclosure of an increase of 214.2%.

"while we are in fear, like a shot a little late, good projects are being robbed." A senior investors reflect whole venture capital circles do need to be quiet, to recommend

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