Doing business is easy to neglect the customer of two minds

many shopkeepers probably have such experience, when there are few customers, it is easy and the surrounding shopkeepers together playing cards, chatting, chatting chatting a little better, once playing cards, the customer comes easy to overlook, that of two minds doing business, very easy to slow lazy customers, what will give business do hot? So, do business can not be of two minds.

commodity economy era, it was the "customer is God" as the motto of serving customers, operating in the customer first, to achieve hospitality enthusiasm, service intentions, after-sales care. This should be regarded as a good service concept, the customer in the first place, to meet their needs, good service, so as to achieve sales. Usually we can insist on long-term management of customer first, customer oriented? This is a question worth pondering.

retail counterparts know, long Shou shop will feel boring, fatigue, plus the face of every hue of consumers, some better, some difficult, in the course of time will be less of a start-up when the passion and enthusiasm of the customer will be reduced, a little slack will leave a bad impression to the customer.

the day before yesterday, I went to the pharmacy to buy medicine because of throat discomfort. There is not much business in the rain, the owner is playing mahjong with others in the store. Because I do not want to get dressed in a raincoat, directly in front of the boss to help me to send the necessary drugs. She promised not to stop playing. After about 1 minutes, when I once again call the boss when she got up and went to the counter to take medicine. The process of waiting, I obviously feel a little left out, because the nearest and the sky raining don’t want to go to the other home, the owner of the neglect makes me very unhappy.

peacetime operations, the author also had entertainment and neglect the customer. In order to pass the boring time to keep the shop, no customers, I like to surf the Internet to see blog, write text, and occasionally chat with friends, landlords. There was a time I love landlords Lei integral, that landlords software midway something cannot pause, so sometimes see customers inside nor soon leave computer customers. Most customers do not face to say anything, there is an old customer to the author of a wake up.

he bought a pack of cigarettes, the author got the reception computer constantly "and" drops ". Hurry ah, the flowers have withered ‘tips, customers look at the computer, said" I feel shy to bother you ". His words clearly say sorry, in fact it should be for their customer dissatisfaction, slight heart Kuiyi, suddenly red, into reflection.

after that, the business try not to play games, no matter what the hands of doing things, as long as the customer to visit the shop, before he entered the shop immediately stood up and ready to meet the customer, customer service for business is the first, customer first, not for entertainment and neglect the customer. A visitor said, he does not love to buy things when encountered are playing "

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