Different ice cream shop decoration style

now with ice cream market hot, ice cream market development is also getting better and better, therefore, venture capital should also have sharp eyes aimed at this market, choose the ice cream shop as the venture capital project, here we recommend several different ice cream shop decoration skills, in order to facilitate investors better every business career.

now the market generally selling ice cream, into two categories: soft ice cream, hard ice cream, which is the subject of people’s consumption of soft ice cream. It consists of Italian ice cream, ice cream, German American style ice cream list. Each style of ice cream in addition to the name of the different ingredients are different, people eat after the feeling is different, so the ice cream shop decoration must be in line with the style of its sales of products.

Division: sales to taste American ice cream shop decoration should be free and unrestrained style, make one person the feeling of nature, is the key to blue or green collocation of natural scenery pictures, lighting must be bright, desks and chairs for the bright metal products; gelato to give people a sense of romance that makes people feel warm, with warm color tone, light yellow, pink, color, blue plastic chairs for business; at the ice cream, the decoration to grave and not lose the taste for leisure, which is more suitable for some business people to rest, with a dark pattern as the background, tables and chairs must be dark the wood products

According to the division of

shops near the campus: ice cream shop decoration can have some of the popular cartoon; in the senior business district ice cream shop can be decorated in Gothic style. The general level city ice cream shop decoration as long as bright and clean can; city ice cream shop decoration is mainly decided by the variety of business; the capital city of the ice cream shop decoration is determined by the operation of the site, such as commercial street ice cream shop decoration gives people a feeling of light and bright, can rise to alleviate fatigue the role of.

through the above for different ice cream shop decoration style of different techniques, can be seen, business is a suitable decoration style can best determine a shop looks simple, actually contains a lot of skills, to venture investors, hope all kinds of decoration techniques above can help to you.

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