How to improve the performance of newly opened cosmetics store

there are many novice entrepreneurs in business at the same time in the cosmetics shop, store management, how the unsatisfactory performance of the phenomenon is accustomed to, at this time, you need to timely change the business strategy, so how to change the status quo?

location problem of store opening soon performance is not good (or did not achieve the desired results), is likely to be the store location problem. Location depends on two points, location. To confirm whether the shopping district is in line with the brand positioning, that is, the main shopping district shopping crowd and the brand positioning of the target customer groups, and then the location, that is, the target passenger traffic.

1, product structure problems

2, personnel problems

3, there are problems during the opening

some new store opening promotion in the form of error, not to attract popularity in business promotion, but do get some discounts, beginning the store will often discount the impression to customers, the late value will be more and more on price expectations. Once the opening period of the end of the preference, the latter no discount or discount is not strong, many customers will no longer buy.

1, for site selection

before the opening location may be too optimistic, so the first continuous 1-2 weeks with the traffic statistics shop outside the number of passengers (only the target guest, according to statistics, the number of batches) into the store, into the store, and the good performance of the surrounding shops and other brand shop comparison analysis. If it is because the site is relatively large, it is difficult to short-term improvement.

2, product structure for the problem

6 former

3, for personnel problems

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