How to do tea business

on the market, choose to operate tea stores entrepreneurs are many, then you want to succeed, you should grasp the correct marketing method, in order to make tea stores from numerous projects in talent shows itself, become the leader in the industry, so entrepreneurs in the business of the project time, the correct grasp of the the success of the project marketing skills is very important.

Third, every category of tea has its own traditional habits of consumers, resulting in a traditional market area. Tea is a product of the hometown complex, local specialty products.

Fourth, every enterprise should have its brand positioning their products with the price, selection and distribution of price points, thus planning their product line.

fifth, each company and its brand in the product packaging should have its own personality and characteristics, including packaging visual design, packaging material selection, packaging method, packaging capacity combination.

sixth, the tea product portfolio must have the image of products, the main products, competitive products, product type, product volume profit. Also planning out of the product, replacement products, storage products, for the special properties of tea, and even a holiday products. According to the purpose of consumption, but also from the tea products, office tea products, gift tea products.

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