How to decorate coffee shop

coffee shop how to decorate? Many businesses are very interested in this issue, although it is good to learn decorative style, but want to have their own characteristics or difficult. If you want to learn more decorative techniques, look at it.

1, coffee shop space decoration layout elements

2, coffee shop space decoration design features

Space design

3, coffee shop decoration lighting features

in the design of the coffee shop, local lighting design and lighting design is the soul of the application. The overall illumination of the space is not very high, the staff can be normal flow of low light intensity, focusing on the details of the local lighting. Each group should have a lamp socket, with lamp lights, lighting candles or similar small lights, and the warm light, create a warm, intimate space for people to drink coffee. Make full use of light and shadow effect is another feature of the lighting design Hall of coffee, this feature can be used to create some empty, and the lights inside or underneath some plants to radiation, make the space produces interesting light, both rich visual effects, but also increase the three-dimensional sense of space and sense of hierarchy.

4, coffee shop decoration landscape configuration

The use of professional decoration

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