Foreign marriage ring on the top ten brands

both at home and abroad, although there are a lot of differences between the traditional ideas, but the attitude of marriage is virtually the same, will be very important. And the marriage is the essential thing in the process of marriage, so what brand of marriage to quit? Here is a list of ten brands of foreign marriage on the ring, we can refer to!

foreign wedding ring on the top ten brands: Cartire Cartier

1847 France, France watches, jewelry manufacturers, the world’s top jewelry brands. King Edward VII was hailed as "the king of jewellers, famous brand jeweler of kings, in 150 years, has created many wonderful works The brightness dazzles the eyes. These works, not only is the creation of fine jewelry watches, but also has very high value in art appreciation, is worth pondering, often because they had ownership of celebrities, and was covered with a layer of legend. From the great necklace Prince of India custom, to have the tiger shaped glasses and the Duchess of Windsor often go hand in hand, and the great scholar Cocteau is full of symbols of the College France saber, Cartire tells a story.

foreign wedding rings ten brands ranked second: Tiffany Tiffany

1837 in the United States, the United States, silver jewelry company, one of the world famous luxury brand, the blue box is the symbol of American fashion succinct unique style. Tiffany is the symbol of American design, has been designed in the stunning beauty of the original works as a purpose, with love and beauty, romance and dream as the theme known for nearly two centuries. Tiffany’s jewelry lovers can voice meanders, and the original silver, stationery and table utensils Xinchishenwang is more. Classic design is the definition of Tiffany’s works, each masterpiece can be passed on from generation to generation, the charm of eternity. The Tiffany ring is expensive, is one of the world famous luxury brand noble.

foreign marriage to quit the top ten brands list of the top third: Bvlgari Bvlgari

1884 in Italy, after Cartire, Tiffany after the world’s third largest jewelry brand. Its jewelry reflects the classical style of Greece and Italy, each of which has been carefully crafted by designers and craftsmen. Bvlgari in the production of jewelry in the design of the essence of color, the original use of a variety of different colors of the gem with the combination, and then use different material base to highlight the dazzling color of the gem.

foreign marriage on the ten major brands list: Van Cleef & Arpels VanCleef& Arpels


1906 France, adhere to the use of high quality gemstones and materials, to the exquisite mosaic techniques, >

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