How to reduce the cost of store location

now shopkeepers know the importance of a suitable location for store development so that in the shop before will be in the location above a very large investment in energy. In short, the shop to engage in business, selection is the key. A set of natural, and in one of the shops, business is booming like is a difficult thing.

said the world’s top 500 McDonald’s, who is also not unfamiliar, every one of his chain stores are everywhere in the business circle of gold lots, in addition to these shops with a strong consumer crowd, the land has been added, it is not difficult to see that, in selected locations on this matter, rather than McDonald’s in the fast-food business the industry, rather than in their business sector.

of course, the strong economic pillars and brand effect also played a decisive role. This is why many of our individual retailers are unparalleled. Of course, the most economical can also bring benefits to maximize the lot, is what we dream of. Targeted to win.

Where is the cost of

1. location

The location of the

cost of two, one is the tangible costs, such as rent, an intangible cost, namely the consumption level, the size of the market potential, high level of consumption, market potential, driven by rapid turnover of goods, maximize the use of resources brought to reduce the cost of.

choose a good location, a multiplier. Open a shop to engage in business, store rent accounted for a large proportion of the cost. High rents, not necessarily high output, not necessarily give you a huge return. Why is this? Because you are the key to the operation of goods is targeted. For example, you are some shops around the factories and mines, and you opened a stationery store, you can operate well? But if this shop and place, this shop in near the school, the students in this group can not fire? Some people say, is not afraid of deep alley.

as long as I have a good reputation, no matter where you can open a good shop, this statement is not it? May be able to have a little truth, but in this information explosion, people demand timeliness, convenience and strong era. Not a good location, do not mind to choose a good location. If you want to do business, big business, to pay ten times more than others, but the efforts of hundreds of times, the effect may not be satisfactory. Good lot rent, high cost, but it can get twice the result with half the effort.

at the same time, the operator must have a pair of good at discovering the vision, found around the shop how much consumption potential. Choose a good location, is to seize the opportunities, the market to maximize the use of resources. Around us, there are a lot of examples, many retail customers is to make good use of the surrounding consumer resources, and thus in many

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