Dantu District a large number of successful Rural Entrepreneurship Model

when the city is more and more intense competition, many entrepreneurs see the advantages of rural entrepreneurship, based on rural areas, relying on agricultural entrepreneurship, become the foundation of their wealth, and achieved good results.

From the

to lead the masses to get rich from laid-off workers

2002, Gu Yang Zhen Wu Yonghong couple from the original Dantu County garment factory both laid off. "Then we seem to feel the day to collapse, after a year of marriage, housing debt is not repaid, his daughter is still on the road behind the cry piteously for food, how to go?" Recall that time, Wu Yonghong is still very emotion.

as Deputy Secretary of the village Party branch Levin, Wu Yonghong rich, do not forget to lead people around common prosperity. Cooperatives using the company + base + farmers’ cooperation, has driven the surrounding more than and 50 farmers to join the cooperatives, the total area of cultivation has reached more than and 750 acres, there are more than and 100 people engaged in the relevant industries of nursery stock." Wu Yonghong said: there are more than and 120 families of farmers, each year from cooperatives to obtain stable land rent. Base employs more than 20 employees are all local people, mostly older age, but they can earn $18 thousand a year salary. I am glad that the farmers are getting rich."

and laid-off partner tothrive

2008, a cement factory workers Wei Guofeng, a couple, due to poor business, both unemployed. At that time, they recommended

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