A measly 750 thousand snacks Business Week

big business often begins from small projects, for a lot of big girl, little girl, snacks indispensable in life, but few people dare to do, one of their familiar snacks business. And all this, the female students, LAN and Wang Ju did, and fetched in a week 750 thousand!

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At the time of the

they have no source of funds, have set their sights on parents. Yuan Lan’s home in the Daba Mountains, parents are farmers, and do not have much money to them, each borrowed 5000 yuan".

have money, they buy a web site. Everything is ready, the two began to shop location Chengdu office workers, "the rich have the time to eat snacks, afraid of wind and rain the sun". Yuan LAN and Wang Juyuan thought to earn hard money, rural out, not afraid of suffering".

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two will advertising printed flyers, originally wanted to enter the office building, but security politely asked them not to pollute the environment. No way, only the cheek, 8 points every morning is waiting in the office door, smiling the flyer to the white-collar workers into the building. Those who have been turned and thrown to the ground

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