The importance of brand building

in China, possible understanding of the brand is still in a relatively backward stage, but we have to admit that, whether it is registered, or the chain, the importance of the brand is more and more obvious, the importance of the following small through a case to tell you to build the brand!

25 year old Joe · Pena (Joe  Penna) also paid a lot of money to understand this truth. The first three years, Pena himself devoted himself to do video on top of the YouTube, almost no what people see. Tate wrote in his book: Pena just began to do the video is very hard, but he love what is what no upload, structurally, completely is a mess.

, Pena found all the video after use a unified format can succeed. Gradually, Pena’s own video formed a standardized format, the first is a brief introduction, and then the music introduction, we ended up with Pena made a small video preview, so people know what the next time will see. Since Pena insisted on this format, and gradually formed its own brand video, and now he can increase the number of video viewing 1 million 500 thousand times a week.

Alex with their own personal experience, to countless entrepreneurs told the importance of the brand, if you will just go on the road of entrepreneurship, such a small case, is also helpful for your business?

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