Upstairs downstairs Hangzhou venture start a new business model

now entrepreneurship is a hot topic, the traditional business model has been copied over and over again, how innovation is placed in front of a big problem. Yesterday, the Hangzhou Municipal Committee and Hangzhou Housing Authority in Jiang Village family of Xixi public rental site, held jointly build Jiang Cun Xixi people public rental service youth entrepreneurship demonstration zone signing ceremony, Secretary of the Municipal Youth League Committee Zhou Yang and city housing bureau director Zhou Xianmu signed a cooperation agreement.

Jiang Cun Xixi family public housing project is located in Xihu District Jiang Village unit, East Zhejiang University Zijingang District, South Xixi Greentown Cheng Park, west of Chongxin Road, north to Yuhang Road, a total construction area of about 96 thousand square meters, the total number of 1215 sets, the design of 40 square meters of single apartment, 50 square meters of one bedroom apartment layout and 60 square meters of the two bedroom apartment layout. From yesterday, more than 400 public rental housing will continue to apply for a home, Zhou Xianmu to the first family in the family issued a key.

to expand entrepreneurship demonstration area influence in the youth better, June 12th -25, Hangzhou municipal Party committee and City Housing Department within the city to carry out "Jiang Cun Xixi people business service youth demonstration area levy" contest, after selection, the final demonstration area named "live a 1215", yesterday in the field of zhengminghuodong site awards, and held a demonstration area of opening.

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