Need to do a good job positioning beauty salon

many investors are in the beauty industry to Gregory, investing heavily in a beauty salon, but are generally less success, failure, the reason for this is probably not grasp the investment strategy. In the beauty salon before must do positioning, so that we can do to open his own shop heart bottom.


1, the size of the store: according to their own funds; should have a reception room and waiting room; a reasonable design of the beauty room, dressing room, operating room, bathroom and storage room.

2, staffing (ie organization): a certain scale of beauty salons in the staffing should be strict and orderly. According to the principle of less and fine to prepare staff. The main management personnel, technical personnel, logistics personnel (such as a manager, and several beautician personnel charges, cashier staff, cleaning staff, motor repair personnel, goods purchase and sale personnel).

3.: advertising decoration colors, signs of writing, the appropriate media such as newspapers and radio stations……

4.: to calculate the number of visitors is surplus profit, customer transaction cost per unit area, turnover, cost ratio.

5. market survey: the survey of households, shopping malls, personnel structure, people’s needs, beauty salons, etc..

6. beauty salon how to decorate:   according to personal preference arrangement more comfortable, bright, elegant, clean, good.

through the six aspects above, investors can have a better position on their investment in beauty salons. Have a clear positioning, investors in the beauty salon would not be so blind, better targeted, effective management.

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