Quanzhou spark public record spaces to attract guests in

space is a public record of incubation starting point today is the most suitable for entrepreneurs, to help customers create their ideas and innovative ideas into real business projects, and used to go to the market, get real profits.

to "Electronic Commerce (cross-border), Internet, new materials, industrial design" led to "grassroots, popular, low threshold" as the main character, is located in the town of Dong Yuan spark (Sheng Da) public record space this year put into operation, the development of e-commerce, has attracted a lot of a passenger settled.

spark public record space operations team leader Tian Jin introduced, active cooperation with colleges and universities is a major feature of the spark multi-creation space. The space has signed a cooperation agreement with a number of colleges and universities in Fuzhou University, Huaqiao University, Ningbo University, Fujian University of Technology, Liming Vocational University, Institute of Fujian shipping transport, the promotion of College Students’ entrepreneurship. With the help of university resources, the creation of a number of space to create a number of College Tutors in the park to set up a studio and a service team, set up a professional operation and management team, service.

"public record space for each assigned to the company to provide 3200 square meters of office life free places, and a business area, exhibition hall, training classrooms, dormitories, canteens, park also intends to various supporting libraries, tea room, cafe, fitness area and other interactive platform." Tian said that the creation of a passenger space not only to create a free office space and office equipment, the greater the attractiveness of the resources gathered here and a good service environment.

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