Mount Huangshan scenic area micro film won the fifth place

with the progress and development of science and technology, our TV field also presents a more diversified lottery, micro film can look good records in an area, and the production cost is very low. The day before the first shot, the Public Security Bureau of Mount Huangshan scenic area of the micro film "girl" tour of Mount Huangshan, in the fifteenth session of the National Public Security Ministry of public security police China host network micro film won the award fifth.

Mount Huangshan as China’s 5A level natural tourist attractions, attracting a lot of tourists at home and abroad to come to visit, the theme of the Mount Huangshan micro film "Niuniu tour Mount Huangshan" is a very worthwhile thing to celebrate. "Girl" to tour the Mount Huangshan Public Security Bureau police station and the Mount Huangshan scenic area to police everyday work as a theme, by the police character appeared, mainly about the scenic police to help tourists into the mountains to find lost daughter girl story, showcasing the occupation spirit of the Mount Huangshan scenic area police diligent and selfless dedication, full scenic area public security work reflects the characteristics and the purpose of serving the people.

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