Several rural themes of good projects can not be missed

with the continuous emergence of food safety, people are increasingly yearning for farm food, pure natural preservative free green food. Therefore, rural projects have also been more and more attention, here we provide a few good projects in rural areas, can not be missed.

rural entrepreneurial projects recommended: Salted Duck Egg

There are a lot of

rural backyard ducks, but sales in general, duck’s egg is very cheap. There are a lot of red clay in the village, do Salted Duck Egg, easy oil yellow, taste it. We can make good use of local resources to do business Salted Duck Egg. Buy the villagers scattered duck’s egg, hire experienced villagers pickled, while custom packaging, trademark design, you can start. At the same time can also develop more agricultural and sideline products, packaging sales, so that the green agricultural products on the table.

rural entrepreneurship projects recommended two: animal husbandry

farmers engaged in livestock breeding has become a good venture, Cang Shan black goat muscle fiber thin, tender meat, delicious taste, smell is very small, high nutritional value, are recognized as the green goat breeds, the characteristics of good meat quality by many consumers, the hotel and catering industry, the growing demand for meat processing industry the rise, the market prospects. After farming found Cang Shan black sheep of appropriate scale captive or free ranging, is relatively abundant for the existing rural land resources, planting grass or can utilize existing resources of natural pasture to farming.

Rural Entrepreneurship Project recommended three: farmhouse

copies the farmhouse map, led the Expo visitors into the Pudong native plain natural scenery and antique buildings. This is from the Pudong New Area World Women’s base service development alliance produced the "golden peasant, happy Expo" map. The women’s service base development alliance responsible person, to make a map as an opportunity for farmers union women entrepreneurship and employment to provide more channels and space is a new attempt in this year. At the end of October, the alliance to attract all kinds of agricultural tourism total number of 600 thousand passengers, directly driven by various types of agricultural total income of about 1500000 yuan, the local farmers to solve the employment of more than 100 people.

rural entrepreneurship projects recommended four: agricultural products processing

China is a large agricultural country, but in the deep processing of agricultural products is relatively backward, deep processing of agricultural products accounted for less than 12% of the total output of agricultural products. To corn, for example, the United States accounted for more than 20% of the corn processing corn processing, more than 2000 varieties, while China’s corn processing capacity of less than 20% of the total output of corn, only more than 100 varieties.

Rural Entrepreneurship Project recommended five: Rural truck rental

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