How to carry out the coal industry in Xiamen illegal construction activities to clean up the project

in the market economy, although the country has formulated relevant laws and regulations to constrain the illegal acts in a timely manner, but many unscrupulous businessmen still go its own way, illegal means to take profit. So, how to carry out the coal industry in Xiamen illegal construction activities to clean up the project?

our province coal industry of illegal construction projects to clean up the special action day before launch. The special action is focused on all kinds of started construction in the coal mine construction project (including new construction, expansion and integration of resources) to conduct a comprehensive investigation, the inspection focused on failing to fulfill the project approval procedures for unauthorized construction of coal mine.

this special action is carried out in three stages.

is the first stage of coal mining enterprises in accordance with the range of cleaning and check the contents comprehensively and thoroughly self-examination on the area of all construction in the coal mine project;

The second stage of the

is to set up the relevant departments of the coal industry management department to inspect the self-examination of the coal mine enterprises;

is the third phase of the provincial Commission by letter, the provincial development and Reform Commission for self-examination and local inspection of coal mining enterprises to verify the situation.

for the illegal activities of the coal industry in Xiamen, the construction of the clean-up activities, is of great significance. It further promote the market environment more healthy, safeguard the interests of consumers, to crack down on illegal behavior, reduce the opportunity for criminals!

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