Jiang Chenjie is how to enliven the shop business

if the shop management, any owner will want to be able to store business to enliven, however, will be to do business, also need to grasp some skills. So, let Xiaobian bring everyone together to meet Jiang Chenjie is how to store business to enliven, to see whether the shopkeepers can learn some skills.

My name is Jiang Chenjie

, a cigarette retail merchant of Jiangxi province north of the city of Xinyu City, nearly 10 years of cigarette retail experience told me that only have all rivers run into sea of mind, to learn widely from others’strong points and development. All along, the suggestion box for my small business to build a set of intellectual shaped stage, also my interpretation from working for people to start their own business, the development of chain management by marketing to the store.

a windfall

1994, studying hard for many years I have unfortunately become a member of the team in the entrance exam. As the basis of poor, poor family, I gave up reading. At the beginning of October, carrying simple luggage, set foot on the train to the south, into the torrent of work roll. Soon, in the help of fellow students to find a job in the restaurant service, being busy, I quickly from the entrance of the frustration came out, thought is running a new tide of reform.

A year after the

, I and I have a similar experience that young tea restaurant boss exchange, not to come out to make his thirty years of age than when I was young, has worked hard for five years running the restaurant and a tobacco store. Wish I was astounded, seem to see a ray of sunshine to success, the boss today is my goal.


treats people with sincerity, hard work, a year after I became the restaurant and retail business executives. From then on, I began to get involved in the business of cigarette retail. As the saying goes, gehangrugeshan. At the beginning of the cigarette business due to lack of experience, knowledge of what did not understand, my heart is always very upset. In order to increase the experience, I take a speculative method, put a suggestion box in the store to a prominent position, for my colleagues to management suggestions and opinions on cigarette business customers.

in addition, I also implement the proposed award measures, colleagues if the proposal is adopted, will be included in the monthly performance bonus points; where the proposed customer, according to the value of the proposed small gifts on the spot. A few years later, I collected from the ballot box to 41 comments and suggestions valuable, which gave me the business management, provide a great help, but also let me in a short period of time to change from a cigarette retail layman for operators to understand the law, law-abiding, shop management well a well also, the cigarette business cope, annual cigarette sales will have increased dramatically.

in recognition of colleagues

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