Taiwan business want to revitalize the Xiamen street green Baotuan entrepreneurship polymerization c

Fujian can be said to be the most commercial places in Taiwan, which is represented by Xiamen, Quanzhou and Fuzhou, I believe we want to promote the better development of cross-strait economy, Fujian should be the first choice. Therefore, Taiwan to revitalize Xiamen Street business baotuan.

in New Commercial Street West Jinbang first four stores "interest" "circle" poly "source of Syria" and "edge extraction" were operating with coffee tea, daily necessities, Home Furnishing Wenchuang souvenir Taiwan tea and wine of different categories of goods. Design of goods and stores, also let this old street showing a new look chic.

", many shops in the street are uneven, facade, design style and so on is not the same, have the same attraction for shopping, transfer more often caused by appearance." From Taipei, Du Zongjun is one of the designers, has come to the mainland for five years, in his view, a good product to be like a model to have a wide range of exhibits.

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