Wang Tong Tips for making online sales grow wild

e-commerce more and more fire!

B2C network more and more direct website


in the context of the financial crisis, are you worried about your online sales can not improve it?

Wang Tong here to share with you the most effective series of strategies. These strategies allow you to increase your sales to a minimum of 200%, without increasing the network’s input, and the number is only a conservative figure of 200%. Here to give you a brief introduction:

skills 1: the rapid growth of potential customer databases

browse the site of many people, the direct purchase of fewer people, the vast majority of the site is to let these people quietly, quietly, and wasted a lot of potential customers.

so, be sure to use a technique to seduce most users who visit your site are willing to leave contact information. So long as you continue to carry out the potential customers willing to accept the database marketing strategy, they will gradually become your customers.

uses what skills? We should combine site specific positioning to plan, but we must remember this sentence: in the face of very valuable temptation, most people won’t mean leave a contact.


1, free download valuable information

2, free online sweepstakes

3, free product trial, etc..

calculation, if your site every day 10 thousand to 20% of the new traffic, seduce visitors leave contact (20% do not think that this ratio is too high to be reached, I present some items in the operation, the highest proportion of 50%), this year down, your site can accumulate 700 thousand potential customer data.

when you have a large number of high quality database of potential customers, even if you do not put a penny to the promotion, as long as the database marketing well, your sales will still continue to increase, how to cooperate with other skills, is crazy growth.

tips two: product introduction optimization

products is best to impress customers one of the factors, but now most of the B2C sites are just a simple product model and other professional introduction, the lack of a hook caused by the user to buy the impulse of the introduction.

how to write it?

core two principles:

1, selling benefits: describe your goods can bring benefits to customers

2, selling feeling: describe the customer has the good feeling after your product

writing skills in this area I summed up a set of conversion rate is very high in line with the psychology of sales copywriting framework, see the following article in detail:

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