Jiangsu police busted a porn site set up half of tens of thousands of members

video screenshot

  Beijing in January 5, CCTV reported recently, Jiangsu Huaian police have uncovered the use of network video chat organization spread pornographic performances cases, suspects using a website called "Rose Garden" development of tens of thousands of members.

recently in Jiangsu, Mr. Wang told the police, said his son in high school on the browsing pornographic websites. According to the clues provided by Mr. Wang, Jiangsu Huaian police opened in the name of the "Rose Garden" website, soon found a shocking scene: strippers, naked genitals, and some gay performance.

Rose Garden pornographic performances for the site has brought a huge popularity, but these users seeking excitement, and soon found the site began to receive sponsorship fees.

The police found the site

, established only six months, it has more than 55 thousand registered members, chat room more than 2 thousand.

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