Virus alert alert using E browser vulnerability virus

    bit network security channel today to remind you: in today’s virus, IE7 attack code (Hack.Exploit.Script.JS.Agent.ic) virus worthy of attention.

1. Introduction and presentation of high risk viruses today:

IE7 (Hack.Exploit.Script.JS.Agent.ic) virus attack code ": alert level assumes, hacker attack code, be used for web, rely on the system: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003.

this is a malicious code, usually by hackers implanted malicious web pages, when the user visits these pages, the code protection system will break through the system, so that other users computer intrusion Trojan, Trojan downloader and other more easily. This vicious code can attack all the mainstream version of the IE browser.

two, in the light of the above virus, bit network security channel recommended the majority of users:

1, it is best to install professional anti-virus software to conduct a comprehensive monitoring and timely escalation of the virus code library. Users are advised to monitor some of the major open, such as mail monitoring, memory monitoring, etc., the purpose is to prevent the current prevalence of viruses, Trojans, harmful programs or code and other attacks on the user’s computer.

the resources from the small station


2, please do not open e-mail attachments, especially the unknown source or origin of mail. Enterprise users can open the monitoring system in the general mail server platform, intercept the virus at the mail gateway, to ensure the safety of the mail client.

3, enterprise users should upgrade the control center, and suggested that the relevant management personnel for the entire network of killing the virus at the appropriate time. In addition, in order to ensure the security of enterprise information, we should close the shared directory and set up a strong password for the administrator account.

as of press time, the rising of the virus database has been updated, and killing the virus. Thanks to the rising technology provides information for network security channel bit virus.

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