Phpwind 8 5 style template sharing can continue to use the template 8 3

day before the official phpwind forum has been officially upgraded to the latest version of the 8.5, to celebrate the official phpwind 8.5 upgrade success, phpwind also to the webmaster discloses some 8.5 new functions and templates to enjoy. It is reported that the 8.5 will be officially released this month, the webmaster wait and see.

1 phpwind 8.3 style template can continue to use (not including the development of the has been carried out)


announced the new version, many webmaster both excited and excited entangled, suggests that it is because the new version of this will have many webmaster friends let heart function and optimization, but the tangle is the original program style template plug-ins cannot be used, the upgrade version means that the style template to upgrade, which makes a lot of sites not easily try. However, the 8.5 version is not only to bring you a lot of new optimization powerful and very close, to the webmaster friends bring exciting news: the phpwind 8.5 style template support version 8.3 series (excluding has been two times development, 8.3) the original style template, can continue to use 8.5 now! You can rest assured that the upgrade phpwind8.5, and experience new features without having to worry about compatibility problems.

2.phpwind 8.5 new style display

phpwind8.5 in addition to compatible with phpwind 8.3 style template, version package also provides a set of N style template oh. The children are displayed:

Ø 2 sets of new – style forum green forum style

[happy Spring] the first forum style simple and simple, suitable for different sites.


[style] Arbor Day second sets for the official release of the original tree planting day style, the children of praise. Phpwind 8.3 arbor style (also known as green style) phpwind 8.5 can still use



? Two sets of style are very suitable for the green season!


Ø home portal template 1 sets of


] phpwind style simple version 8.3 released after the official release of a set of simple version of portal template, by students alike, simple version of the style and generous, more convenient to use. Phpwind8.5 scheduled for the simple version of the portal template, share it with you!


Ø personal center template 2 sets of


] dandelion personal center style > > >

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