Wanda fifast finally got the movement open platform and business entities try to hezonglianheng

Abstract: Wanda hope gezonglianheng, put more shopping centers together to get big data. At this time the big data is neither the elephant’s legs, not the elephant’s nose, but the elephant’s all. When it accumulates to a certain scale, will have important impact on the industry, regional economy, and even become a barometer of the economy China. Perhaps, this is the main purpose of Wanda electric providers who fly.

titanium media note: Wanda had extraordinary business incubation plan a big chess, but by the media insiders as "scary" (see titanium media author Ji Yongqing’s comments), but for several months but little voice. October 24th fifast has a new action in Wuxi, announced a strategic partnership with Wuzhou international group, and held a signing ceremony. This step cooperation, the two sides will integrate resources?


fifast electricity supplier – Wuzhou international group strategic cooperation signing ceremony

October 24th, Wanda electricity supplier extraordinary hatching announced in Wuxi and Wuzhou international group reached a strategic cooperation Wuzhou international group Guangyi Columbus Square 16 shopping center will be stationed in fifast open platform. Fly where electricity providers in the construction of open platform on the road, what does this step mean?

vertical integration: more than 10 software integrator

As one of the

and fifast signed 16 shopping center, Wuxi Guangyi Columbus Square will be the first in fifast APP unveiled. It is reported that after the launch, Wuxi Guangyi Columbus Square will have more than 200 brands to participate in the follow-up will fly where APP launched a series of online flash sales activities, 1 yuan, 1 yuan to see a large grab delicacy and other activities will be landed — by way of subsidies to stimulate consumer experience with online and offline shopping.


in the outside world to service, to realize, is behind a series of technical details, especially like the Columbus Square shopping center fifast Guangyi, to complete the goal is not just one, but several hundred.

the more complex things from the most simple place to start, the layout of the fly is based on "the world is difficult, it will be easy; world events, will be in fine" theory.

for example, Wi-Fi has become a shopping center and shopping malls in the standard, many people after entering the mall will naturally pick up the mobile phone and Internet registration. The provision of free Wi-Fi, not only to meet the needs of consumers, set up a bridge through the online and offline lines, narrowing the distance between consumers and businesses, but also to understand the user behavior and attention preferences. So, who chose the most direct way to fly – open platform to join the shopping center to provide free Wi-Fi.

WiFi however, this seems to be a normal thing in the consumer, but it has a strong technical content. For example, Wanda Plaza, an average of 300 AP, with the area of the industry average is nearly 1 times, the total of 10000 ~ 80

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