CN domain name dropped by 50% under the application environment to enhance the security of spam

day before the international well-known security software vendor Symantec released the latest "global spam and phishing sites monthly statistical report". The report shows that in April 2010 the global spam continued hovering at a high level, and the application of CN domain spam has dropped from 4.1% in March to 2.2%, a decline of nearly 50%, the security application environment CN domain name has been improved again.

statistics report shows that in April 2010 the proportion of spam in the global email traffic as high as 89.22%, with basically the same as in March 89.34%; in the spam origin, the United States to continue with the scale of 24% ranked first, India, Holland, Brazil, Germany in second to fifth, and the origin of phishing, the United States still more than half of the proportion in the first place, and this is mainly because the phishing site 52% hosts in the United states.


report also analyzed, domain name application proportion of spam data, COM, RU, ORG and other domain names to become top three "victims" of spam, the application of COM domain spam percentage jumped from 47% in March to 62.7% in April, an increase of up to 15%; Russia’s Ross national domain name.RU since April 1st, the implementation of the real name after registration, although the proportion of spam as high as 22.1%, but compared to 29.8% last month, it decreased significantly; the ORG domain name followed by relatively, the proportion is not high, but also reached 6%; while China’s CN national domain name is dropped from 4.1% in March to 2.2%, a decline of nearly 50%.


report shows that the global fishing mail has increased the proportion of nearly a month, an average of 237.1 per email will have 1 phishing e-mail, compared to April increased by 0.2 percentage points, the British once again become the country with the highest rate of phishing attacks. From Chinese anti phishing alliance released the monthly report also showed that in April 2010, the alliance accepted and suspended DNS phishing sites for 1785, up 70% from the previous month, about 4500 million people due to "phishing" losses.

In addition

Symantec also pointed out that the new website to hide malicious software become the fastest growing cyber threats, malware, adware and other potential threats to program 1770 new sites, an increase of 5.6 percentage points compared to April this figure. This Chinese anti phishing alliance experts said that Internet users should develop website qualification information habits, business registration information, website domain name registration information and other qualification by third party certification authority to determine the true identity of the site, to avoid the risk of online trading.

             .Cn analysis of "cold" the heart is the key to restore the user

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