LETV why live Mount Everest expedition


baby bottles in the world; the elephants towards extinction; with the ice cream melts into the sea ice that can be found everywhere; paper; a gap in the survival of fish; as tears dripping water of life in general…… Along with the music video on April 5th issued notices in micro-blog, bursts of 7 day countdown suspense poster Unveiled: LETV meaning global cloud live Mount Everest expedition and jointly by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 25 scientists together with the Mount Everest expedition, in Mount Everest station set up three observation points, the HD +360 panorama +VR live, live coverage of the expedition team on the glacier, hydrology, weather observation study etc..

this is the history of the Internet for the first time live a world-class scientific research project in Mount Everest, is also the first to adopt VR technology live — in other words, you can sit at home in the 360 degree three-dimensional feeling to the Mount Everest, the expedition team of professional experience in Mount Everest ecological perspective.

of course, the top of the earth by means of a live show, which is not simply enjoy the audio and video feast, behind the technical well-being is undoubtedly the seemingly endless theme: environmental protection.

as you know, LETV plans to launch See for some time, but as Jia Yueting said, "because of the singleness of the shackles of information technology and the means of communication is blocked, the propaganda of environmental protection has not yet reached the desired depth, many people in the bad living environment is still lack of cognition, but more real to see the full to improve the environment, so we decided to open the" See "," See "will be used as part of a" plan See ", with the continuous improvement of human living environment for the protection of the earth’s ecological philosophy, live through a number of large scientific projects, showing the earth ecology, the study of the earth environment, for the national attention the protection of the earth’s ecological environment of the dream of a new step."

well, in any field, promote the evolution of things to a better direction has two stocks run parallel power: technology and concept. If the "See plan" is climbing uphill from the technical side, the "See action", which starts from the direct broadcast of Mount Everest, is to raise the water level of people’s ideas, which also requires practical action.

technology adventure

there is no doubt that the integration of science and technology will become a key node in the history of Mount Everest research – at least in the public sector, as a result of immersive, it is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

is reported that the entire project cycle for more than a month, the work area to Mount Everest base camp as the center, the lowest to reach the east side of Mount Everest (2200 meters above sea level), the highest north depression (elevation of 7028 meters). You know, as an ideal natural laboratory for the study of global climate change, the study of Mount Everest is of great significance to the study of the earth’s climate and environmental changes under the background of global warming. The broadcast will also be from different dimensions of the Mount Everest ecological: 1, through the acquisition of the Mount Everest area of snow and ice, water, soil and vegetation, visit Mount Everest area environmental change, especially the impact of human activities on the environment of the Mount Everest; 2, to the East.

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