The shell network for 20 million C round of financing led a good future


technology news December 22nd morning news, extensive scientific knowledge community shell network today announced the completion of the C round of financing, financing amounted to 20 million US dollars, of which educational institutions future $15 million investment led, shell network before investors IDG and other institutions with $5 million investment.

shell network founder and CEO Ji thirteen said that the future will be in the direction of shell education learning continue to force. The original scientific production and dissemination of content business, coupled with educational products, the shell is perfect ecosystem of knowledge products.

Ji Shisan said that the shell value good accumulation of the future in the field of education, a good future to K12 student tutor service Kyo, the coverage and shell covering young intellectual enthusiasts good cohesion, both in business people have a lot of imagination on the complementary.

future investment shell network, mainly because the community optimistic about the "MOOC Institute’s online learning shell" ( the rapid development. According to the official report shows the shell of MOOC college, registered users has reached 800 thousand.

in the "MOOC Institute", the user can choose online education courses, interested in lessons learned reviews, notes, information and learning experience, to share with the students, help each other to investigate the problem.

good future co-founder and general manager of future investment group division Liu Yachao said that in the field of business, shell network collection based on college students of science and technology enthusiasts, with a good future of math and science business ages complement each other, help good future perfect and high level of education.

shell network since July 2010, loved the letter capital $1 million Angel round of financing, then loved the letter capital $3 million A round of financing in May 2011; at the beginning of 2013, won the IDG B round of financing;

December 2014, get a good future lead investment of $20 million C round of financing.

shell network founded by Ji Shisan in 2010, before founding his nonprofit scientific squirrel completely independent in operation. Three key products are: MOOC college, intellectual community, graduate student App. (Luo Liang)

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