Sina executives to confirm micro blog’s business adjustment denied Ali strategic investment


Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on November 22nd

Sina micro-blog into the vortex of public opinion. With social media platforms more than 400 million users of the Sina group, recently there are two related news popular attention, a Alibaba is rumored upcoming strategic investment, shares accounted for 15-20%, two high-level turbulence, general manager of sina is rumored micro-blog division Peng Shaobin will be another Sina executive Wang Gaofei replaced.

technology Tencent confirmed that the above information is not complete but not Weakness lends wings to rumours., as real.

Sina executives who declined to be named

core technology to the Tencent said last night, Sina micro-blog is indeed with Alibaba to negotiate more in-depth cooperation, involving platforms such as Sina micro-blog open a higher level, but the cooperation does not involve investment or financing.

the source also revealed the latest developments in Sina micro-blog high-level changes. According to the plan, vice president and general manager of sina micro-blog Sina wireless business radio service Wang Gaofei will take part of the rights from the hands of Peng Shaobin, products, operations and technology for the entire Sina micro-blog, Peng Shaobin is still in charge of sina micro-blog platform. Specific adjustments are still in progress, has not been fully finalized, may eventually have some changes." The senior official pointed out.

Wang Gaofei previously responsible for Sina micro-blog wireless products, Peng Shaobin is responsible for the PC end products. Speculation, after the adjustment, Wang Gaofei’s rights will be strengthened. In addition, the adjustment may also be accompanied by changes in the organizational structure of sina, earlier, Sina micro-blog’s employees in the middle and lower levels of organizational structure and the spread of high-level information about the upcoming changes.

according to Tencent science and technology, Sina, micro-blog’s architecture is designed to better adapt to the development of mobile Internet environment.

said Sina CEO Cao Guowei in the company’s third quarter earnings conference call in June this year, about 69% users log on micro-blog or with the mobile terminal, or mobile terminal and PC and, after a quarter of the data increased to 72%. Micro-blog ads in the 15% to 20% from the mobile terminal.

Cao Guowei stressed that sina will invest heavily in the development of mobile micro-blog. Future payment system will be more focused on mobile payment rather than PC. All projects and resources will tilt to the mobile terminal. Under this background, Wang Gaofei in the entire Sina micro-blog’s status is rising.

Sina public relations department has been no comment on Sina micro-blog rumors.

Sina micro-blog is a free innovation is inevitable in

there is no doubt that sina has entered into this year’s growing pains micro-blog. Outside of sina micro-blog from praise, into questioning its development prospects. More and more people feel that sina is no longer innovative micro-blog, too early to play too much commercialization

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