HTML5 tomorrow there is a light rain you stand on the sunny or rainy



HTML tomorrow is sunny or rain

Wang Huai (Facebook pay background and anti fraud department before the technical manager, angel investors)

HTML5 what is the reason why so many people are so concerned about it and put it on the company’s future? But why Facebook abandon HTML5 to turn Objective C. HTML tomorrow is sunny or rain, you should give it gestures, how to judge the


I recently interested in HTML5, do some superficial research, and two of the Silicon Valley and playing with HTML5 years of big brother < 1> telephone communication, summarized in this article. This article is not the HTML5’s post, is an observation and Reflection on its development in the industry.

what is HTML5?

HTML5, as its name implies, is the fifth version of HTML. It will now be done in a variety of browsers in a lot of very fancy plug-ins or special tune are done in the standard. The advantage is that we do not need to do special optimization for a particular browser, you can also avoid a lot of plug-ins due to the standard is not uniform brings trouble.

, for example, I was surprised to learn that Adobe’s Flash+PDF plugin caused the browser to crash, accounting for more than half of all browser crashes.

The emergence and popularization of

HTML5 will greatly improve the chaotic situation through the unified standard. The most important native support (native support), these are:

draw the fly (optional drag parts)


native support (original video support – bye, flash)


geolocation (access to address information)

offline support (not online support, support local storage)


semantics with tags that makes SEO friendly (flash content is not indexable – SEO tags to help understand the search engine indexed)

but for the realization of the HTML5 standard and the rhythm is entirely dependent on the choice of different browsers, it would like to Zha zha. The picture on the is very clear

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