Taobao mogujie com Baidu said the flow of traffic flow


] May 30th news billion state power network, informed sources revealed to billion state power network, Alibaba and Baidu to restart advertising cooperation, signed a cooperation framework covering nearly 200 million of a large number of keywords. Among them, the United States said, and other key words are also Alibaba to buy together, there is a suspected shopping guide website traffic.

billion state power network through Baidu search box input "", the first link position display is the " online shopping", but actually click to jump to a Amoy hot channel. The channel commodity links all point to Taobao, rather than shopping guide site


in addition, billion state power network also try the "beautiful" and other words, the Baidu promotion link to "beautiful" beautiful ladies "online shopping" occupy the top three, and point to the

previously, there have been signs that Alibaba B2B platform, Tmall and Taobao or category name, brand name, the name of the commodity in the Baidu keyword launch.

insiders pointed out that Taobao and Baidu lifted quite thoroughly, overnight enemies become lovers, on the contrary, said the two shopping guide website is beautiful and the future is bleak.

According to the

Alibaba billion state power network to understand, this is not only to cooperate with Baidu to introduce outside the station traffic, but also with the 360 signed a cooperation framework of vertical search, the commodity, shopping search through Ali mother’s Amoy network directly to Taobao, Tmall and Ali electricity supplier platform drainage.

and as a sudden rise in 2012, said the beautiful, and other shopping guide site is facing serious challenges of traffic sharing. Previously, there have been media reports that Taobao has about 10% of upstream traffic from the shopping guide website, let the Alibaba and Taobao management. The industry once came Ma personally blocked shopping guide website rumors.

and into 2013, Taobao in SNS and shopping guide also made significant adjustments. First heavily inject Sina micro-blog, in helping the latter to speed up the commercialization of exploration, but also help Ali Department of electricity providers better peripheral drainage. At the same time, the original attempt of a number of parallel shopping community stubborn rabbit love shopping LOHAS is equivalent to the recent merger, and changed its name to casual stroll, as the entrance of the unity. This initiative has also been identified as the focus of Taobao resources, against the periphery of the shopping guide site signal.

It is noted that

had news, said from the original CPS into beautiful patterns for CPC, the pursuit of advertising revenue. And recently there are businesses that is trying to invest, from shopping guide website transformation B2C mall. Although the news was immediately denied the official, but the shopping guide website single drainage mode, with the flow is re occupied by the giant, is indeed facing serious challenges.

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