Wang Zhidong is going to give QQ a meal

      Wang Zhidong’s Lava-lava can allow users to go beyond QQ overnight? In my opinion, this is not a "Arabian Nights" fabulous. Of course, if some readers want to expose my heart "trick", you may patiently read my talk, then make a conclusion, it is not too late. After all, the Internet marketing Chinese rare generous, in addition to the 360 security guards before Zhou Hongyi had some remarkable outside. So we have to get ready for Apple that whenever and wherever possible, either iPod or iPhone, have become insurmountable classics.

      QQ extended from the IM to the portal, and then to the Qzone community, and Baidu from Baidu post bar, Baidu community, terminated in order to launch their own IM tools. In QQ, MSN, Skype and Lava-lava have fought like a raging fire in the IM market, added a newcomer, this seems to be the fate of the industry. Only in QQ, MSN and Skype have the market divvy up the case, then these intruders are latecomers become the first, or to a tragic end? It is hard to say in a word.

      IM market is not ", even QQ seems to What I say goes." has dominated the season, MSN and blaze a new trail, break in first-tier cities office white-collar desktop. However, over the years MSN or just stick to one corner, it is difficult to advance the pace of advance to Internet cafes, schools, two or three line city etc..

      former Sina founder Wang Zhidong has been aspiring to a IM lava-lava incursion, and bundled some small sites, open to challenge Ma Huateng, but how much harvest, Wang Zhidong must stand by knowing, but if QQ or MSN status is difficult to shake? Or Baidu, NetEase Lava-lava bubbles, these newcomers who can deus ex? Sit three look at two? This is a yet to be Robin Li, Ding Lei, Wang Zhidong, et al. Equations, of course, in this endless journey, is already a corpse everywhere.

      in the commercial society, a "free lunch" seems to be a luxury, but king meal has never disappeared, IM field must also be an exception. Geologically, earthquakes tend to occur on the plate, our ancestors said "easy to change, change the pass, long general," the largest in the field of IM variables undoubtedly occurred in the University, whether school, or graduate. An easy to understand is the fact that the school mostly use QQ, but upon graduation, most of the "face", to MSN, or QQ MSN, fought and eventually switched to MSN, from "of two minds" to "with unchanging devotion to the motherland".


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